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Garden features your kids will love!

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It's all very well creating a home that you know is family friendly, with playrooms and snugs for your little ones to enjoy but don't overlook nature's playground as your garden is the perfect location for a host of features that children will not only love but stay fit and healthy playing in. 

From climbing frames to swimming pools there is an idea to suit every garden and every budget so take a look at these examples and see if you can install some garden features that your kids will love!

Cool climbing frame

Tree house TreeSaurus Modern garden

Tree house


You may think it's getting harder to encourage children to go outside to play, what with iPads and computers having taken over a lot of their free time, but with a climbing frame as cool and varied as this one, from Treesaurus, we don't think you'll have to tell them to go get some fresh air!

With a kids-only den area at the summit, a hammock, climbing wall and even a fireman's pole to keep them entertained, children will go crazy for garden features such as this and you will probably struggle to get them back indoors! 

Working with height, rather than an expansive footprint, this frame is a great addition to smaller gardens and is the perfect way to get youngsters interested in playing outdoors.

Super swing set

Perhaps you favour a more traditional and basic approach to garden playtime, in which case this lovely timber-framed swing set could be a great investment. Taking up little garden space, it offers the potential for hours of imaginative play, all within the relative safety of the specially marked out area.

By fitting a swing set in a lawned area, the chances of painful accidents are minimised and the really clever thing is that your kids won't know that they are actually exercising and keeping themselves fit, which has to be a bonus!

A wonderful and modest installation, garden features don't come much more fun than this, so be sure to fit a set that adults can use too!

Superb swimming pool

Climbing Frame Across The Pool Selwood Products Ltd Garden Swings & play sets
Selwood Products Ltd

Climbing Frame Across The Pool

Selwood Products Ltd

Now, we know that not everyone will have enough space to install a swimming pool, especially not just for their children, but if you do and you are keen to keep your kids healthy and fit, we can't think of a much better garden addition. 

We love how this example seems to have taken everything we already suggested and installed that too, with a climbing frame, complete with pool slide, swing set and summerhouse all coming into view and we can imagine that on warm days you wouldn't be able to stop the little ones from getting their swimming costumes on and jumping in! 

Garden features such as this really are for the whole family and offer not only great opportunities for play but also bonding so do consider something extra special!

For more playground inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: How to create a garden playground.

Secret summerhouse

What do kids like most of all? Hiding from parents! With that in mind and in a bid to encourage outdoor, healthy playtime, why not give some thought to building a summerhouse that is camouflaged in the greenery of your garden? 

The perfect hidey-holes for children, summerhouses almost become transformed into an adult-free den where secret plots and imaginative play can occur. Even if you don't have the space for something this large, a much smaller installation would still provide valuable shelter and scope for make believe, while also being a practical storage solution for you. Garden features can be beneficial for adults as well as children but we didn't tell you that! 

Wonderful water

Water Blade Cascade Water Garden Ltd Classic style garden
Water Garden Ltd

Water Blade Cascade

Water Garden Ltd

Garden features that involve water always seem to capture the imagination and fascination of children so why not think about installing a child-friendly water fountain? By encouraging a healthy interest in water you will be assured that you little one will not be too scared to learn to swim, while the relative lack of mess that water makes can be a real bonus when playtime has ended.

One of the most perfect garden features for a hot summer's day, a water fountain will not only entertain but also cool your children down, bringing practicality firmly into the mix!

Terrific tree house

If you have a big garden and some huge trees it would be remiss of you to not even consider garden features such as tree houses! Especially when, with a little imagination and some construction skill, they can look as mind-blowingly cool as this one! 

Imagine your children's faces as they come running outside to see something like this, which promises endless summer days of fun, up in the sky. Sleepovers would never be the same again and we get the feeling you would end up adopting a lot of their friends too!

The perfect way to put mature trees to good use in your garden, tree houses really are a wonderful installation that fire up kids' imaginations.

Would your kids go crazy for any of these installations? Tell us below!

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