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Special kitchens: 10 modern and minimalist designs

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Contrary to what many people may think, a clean and good-looking home does not have to include spaces stocked from floor to ceiling with keepsakes and furniture pieces. On the contrary, a room marked by a minimalist and/or modern style can look quite striking, as it relies on the presence of space rather than objects to flaunt its beauty. 

But to achieve this, a few home design rules need to be abide by, such as the choice of colours, the use of textures, and the type (and amount) of furniture and décor pieces brought into the space.

So, to serve you up a delicious dose of modern/minimalist inspiration, we thought we’d take a look at a room that functions as both a practical and aesthetically pleasing space: the kitchen, for it plays venue to a range of activities beyond cooking and cleaning.

Let’s see what some expert designers are doing to the modern/minimalist kitchen—and what you can do to yours back home.

1. Perfect elegance

Making use of simple forms and structure, this modern kitchen can be called an ideal example of modern design. 

Using light colours, a minimum amount of textures and patterns, and staying far away from the cluttered look, this clean space focuses on select details rather than seeing how may objects can be shoved into a corner.

2. The overall look vs. the singular parts

To achieve a clean-looking space, one needs to bear in mind the unity of the overall look instead of the individual pieces. 

Above we see how the colour palette (light neutrals) takes control of all elements and help them flow as one vision, achieving a look that is bright, smooth, and serene.

3. The importance of functionality

In addition to achieving a clean look, the modern and minimalist styles are also about achieving functionality. 

Notice our example above: a spacious peninsula offers up a decadent amount of space for cooking, dining, working, displaying, and a range of other functions.

4. Perfect composition

Together with a kitchen island and small breakfast bar that both contribute to functionality, our 4th example above also enjoys a warm overall look thanks to the use of colours (neutral white and a touch of warm tones for the timber). 

The linear design, as well as the minimum use of textures, forms a clear precision that results in a tranquil-looking space.

5. Perfectly organised

Order should be everything in the kitchen, not just the modern one. This will aid in all tasks completed in the kitchen, as well as fluidity of movement. 

Above we are treated to a layout that seems to present adequate working- and walking space, as well as ample surfaces for dining, dished up in a warm and inviting colour that adds to the overall charm.

6. Simple aesthetics

With its clean lines and open spaces, the minimalist style presents a ‘less is more’ concept, which works splendidly. See how successful this idea is translated in the example above by having all the kitchen cabinetry beautifully melting into each other in a crisp white vision. 

This monotony is interrupted slightly by additional décor, such as the backsplash and floor rug.

7. A perfect combination

It is often thought that one particular style needs to be a stand-alone and can’t be combined with another. However, looking at the modern kitchen above, we can see what delightful results can be achieved when bringing together a few rustic touches (like the brick wall) with sleek and modern surfaces. 

A simple geometric design balances all the features out to merge with the clean space, ensuring the end result is clean-cut instead of jumbled.

8. Some jovial tones

Even though the modern and minimalist styles pride themselves on working perfectly well with neutral tones, a fresh inspiration of colourful additions isn’t unheard of. 

The kitchen space above looks most inviting and elegant thanks to its use of clean spaces and materials, yet the addition of fresh yellow and green do nothing to subtract from the overall clean look.

9. Marvellous monochrome

For our lovers of colour contrast, we have included this modern kitchen especially for you. Black and white combine to form a striking yet sober look that fits in superbly with any look, but especially the modern and minimalist styles. 

The additional tones (i.e. red fruit on the kitchen island, the wooden ceiling beam) ensure that the monochrome look becomes even more powerful.

10. Subtle colours

Minimalism, white, and symmetrical: this kitchen hits all the right notes and yet still manages to dazzle us with its brightness and warmth. 

With white adorning the cabinetry, furniture, walls, and ceiling, the remaining caramel colour makes the wooden floorboards stand out even more, highlighting the beauty of the subtle design. 

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Which of these kitchens were are your favourite(s)?

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