12 great ways to decorate with AstroTurf (they're affordable too!)

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Who doesn't want to have a little bit of grass at home, where the scent of nature that flows from it helps us to relax and connect with the environment? Often featuring grass in the home is a bit of a complicated task, however. Caring for a lawn is a lot of responsibility. Those of us who don't have much time on our hands may struggle or perhaps we just don't have the space to plant a garden.

But as with everything, there is always a solution and today is no exception. We bring you some solutions for planting artificial grass in your home and while this isn't the same as having natural grass, artificial grass has its benefits too!

This is why today we are going to show you 12 great ideas from top professionals from around the world, where this material has been used to enhance architecture and design.

Let's take a look!

1. Use it to decorate your terrace

As we have mentioned, there are some limitations when it comes to featuring natural grass in our home and one of these is the location of our house. If you live in the city, you will understand that sometimes there just isn't enough space for a full-on garden, yet this doesn't stop us from wanting to relax outdoors feeling one with nature. This is the perfect time to utilise your terrace!

Make the most of this environment by planting AstroTurf on your terrace, which will make this area feel like a small garden inside your home. Merge it with elements such as wood to bring in a bit of a rustic look and feel to the space.

2. Use it to decorate your room

Another limitation can be that you don't have a terrace at your disposal. So why not use synthetic grass inside your living room, impersonating a carpet while giving a touch of greenery to the room? 

This will merge two concepts and achieve a great result it. Try it and you won't regret it!

3. Outside in the fresh ari

If you do have a garden, you may not have the time to plant and take care of lawn. It requires a lot of maintenance. 

However if you have the space, why not use artificial turf? It's a practical and simple solution that can be used across a large property and have a truly beautiful effect.

4. Use it to cover the walls

This is a very creative and modern alternative when it comes to a facade, enhancing the unusual shape and silhouette. 

Don't you love what AllGrass Solutions have done with this home? It looks like the contours are a small hill!

5. Fuse with stones

Not everything should be green. The magnificence of this material is that it can be adapted to various forms according to your style. Combine it with another material to create a fancy and sophisticated look and feel. 

In this image, we can see how AstroTurf has been positioned in cube-like shapes, contrasting with white stone. This is a beautiful play on colour contrasts. 

6. Invade your deck with green

Another alternative is to decorate your terrace completely in green, covering the entire floor with artificial turf. This creates a very serene look and feel. 

Paired with the necessary furniture, you can achieve the perfect spot for resting and relaxing. This terrace furniture that we see in this image creates a very relaxed environment where the sunshine and fresh air can be enjoyed. You'll leave all of your worries behind in this gorgeous spot!

7. Combine it with wooden tones

If you want to incorporate artificial turf into your home, but you aren't sure how then go for a very practical option. The colour green always works excellently with the natural tone of wood. Use both materials in abundance!

This will create a formidable finish, which works especially well with terracotta walls. These tones all combine really beautifully with one another. 

8. Try it in small spaces

If you're still not sure how to use AstroTurf, but you really want to then why not use it to fill a small space? This will always beautify your home and green is always a welcome touch to an environment.

9. Fuse the industrial with the natural

Another perfect option would be two combine the natural look and feel with the industrial look and feel.

In this dining room, we can see how a dining room that is filled with natural light and industrial finishes, contrasts beautifully with the AstroTurf floor. These two design concepts work very well together in one single environment.

10. Decorate your lawn with artificial flowers

If you feel like your artificial turf lacks life, then this option will help to solve this. Add some colour, life and character to it by adding different artificial flowers of different colours to the space. This will give the home that much more joy and dynamism as well as a burst of vibrancy.

11. Combine the synthetic with the natural

Caring for plants is not always as laborious as caring for a lawn so why not use both styles in one place? An artificial turf next to natural plants works very well together and makes for a great design, as you can see here!

12. Delimit space

As a last resort, you can use artificial turf to define spaces outside of your home. This adds great value and style to the facade, with the green radiating! The natural look and feel will make for a very beautiful design.

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