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The Links, Whitley Bay xsite architecture LLP Modern living room
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Traditional 1930s homes may not appear, on the surface, to lend themselves easily to super modern transformations, but with a detailed client brief, an experienced architectural team and a lot of vision this property in Whitley Bay proves that anything is possible.

Come and take a look inside and be amazed at the clean lines, modern finishes and family-friendly spaces that have been created and see if you are inspired to try something new in your home.

Lots of potential

With the exterior of this property having also been given a makeover, there is something of a hint of what lies inside. However, we're glad to see that the original home design is still very much present. Having added a super modern front door and glazing, as well as a bright white render, the team at XSITE have been careful to not get carried away and lose the original character of the house but, rather, have brought it into the modern age.

With such a beautiful exterior we can only imagine how lovely the interior must be. Just kidding, we know it is amazing, so let's take a look!

Grand entrance

A stunning, characterful entrance if ever we saw one! Modern touches and original features are working so perfectly together in this entrance hall that we don't know if we should delve any deeper into the property for fear of being disappointed that nothing else matches up.

The polished floor looks gorgeous against the rich black of the banister rail and stair posts and the use of the negative under stairs space as a log store is ingenious.

A simply finished and tastefully decorated hallway, this really does set the precedent for the rest of the house.

Bravo, maestro

Everywhere we look, there are nuances of the 1930s, even in this music room. The door, though clearly modern and new, has something of a 1930s flavour with that single panel of glazing in the centre. And thanks to the antique piano and small desk, we are never allowed to forget that this is a period property. 

Though finished to absolute perfection, this room offers bags of character and a simple, clean modernity that is hard to beat. 

Eclectic dining

Now here is a space that seeks to inject a little more personality with a wonderfully eclectic dining room that seeks to allude to no particular era. The chairs look 1960s in style, while the dining table, shelving and light are all eminently modern. 

While on the face of it there seems to be little reference to the original house, the polished floorboards that are present throughout subconsciously ground us in the history of the home and Art Deco inspired wall features, such as the long panels that have been finished with a router, give a subtle reminder.

Compliments to the designer

One space that always seems to give way to modern design is the kitchen and this one is no exception. With a wonderfully sleek countertop, brushed metal appliances and dark cabinets all in situ, the overall impression is one of high end modernity, but then there are also subtle elements of retro styling at play.

We love the small pendant lights, which have a distinctly Art Deco feel about them. The retro bar stools also add a sense of frivolousness because, after all, cooking should be fun!

Cosy and comfy

With stunning sea views to admire, it makes sense that the living room in this lovely Whitley Bay property should be geared towards enjoying them. The huge bay window allows for extensive glazing that essentially frames the view into a series of perfectly proportioned pictures and, with all the seating arranged in such a way that everyone can get a glimpse of the sea, there can be no question of the driving motivation behind this renovation. 

An eclectically styled and eminently usable room, the built-in bookcases help to draw our minds back to a time gone by, reminding us once again that this is not a new build.

Fun and funky

Short of having a retro toilet fitted, there really isn't much scope for reminders of the house's age in the bathroom, so an ultra modern, bright and fun family space has been created instead, complete with custom blinds and funky towel rails. 

We like the nod to the 1930s with the simple and angular sink but, overall, this is a wonderfully vibrant space that exists on its own merits, not in accordance with a wider design aesthetic. 

Nothing wasted

We had to include the view of this transitional area as it not only demonstrate a clear understanding of the importance of using all available space, with bookcases everywhere, but it also gives the most glorious view of the bedroom and the huge window. 

By keeping the archway, a lovely harmony has been created with the shape of the bay window that lets us remember that this really is a 1930s property that has been lovingly and sympathetically brought into the modern era. With that much-cherished view again being framed by the glazing panels, we're not surprised that a retro chair has been perfectly positioned to enjoy it.

Hidden gem

As you walk into the bedroom you see that the bed has a large headboard, acting as a room divide, but there could be no way of telling what was hidden behind it! 

This fabulous dressing room space has been installed in order to keep the bedroom free of clutter, and we just love the references to the period of the property on the back wall in the form of the fantastic 1930s inspired découpage. Reminiscent of traditional theatre dressing rooms, this private haven has taken the best of the 1930s and given it a personal twist. 

Sweet en suite

Of course, family bathrooms are geared towards being practical for everybody but an en suite allows for a grown up relaxation and grooming space. 

Kept super simple and ultra modern, this bathroom, which leads off from the dressing room, is practical and perfect for two people, thanks to the dual sinks and large shower enclosure. Though it's not 1930s inspired in any way, by hiding this space away, it doesn't detract from the overall amazing finish and vibe of the house.

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