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Today, we are going to visit South Korea where we have a very big treat in store for you. You will witness a very run down and grotesque apartment transformed into a modern and savvy space, thanks to design professionals Light & Salt Designs

What today's project proves is that there is always hope, even when a home is in the worst state of disrepair. With some expertise, some design and a fresh coat of paint, miracles can happen.

We will also see how a small space can be enhanced with the right storage solutions and strategic lighting.

In fact, there are all sorts of tips and tricks in store for us today as we explore this home from before the intervention and after the intervention. 

Before: A horrid hole

In this image, we can see just how depressing and dingy the apartment was before the intervention.

The floors are grubby and stained, the walls look like they haven't been cleaned or painted in years and the features in the space look like they are going to fall apart. 

The lighting is also terrible in the room and none of the natural light has been utilised. The result is a grimy space that doesn't look fit to live in.

Remember that this is the kitchen space, which is meant to be clean and hygienic. Yet it looks very grotesque!

Before: Terrible conditions

If we move into the rest of the living space, we can see just how terrible this home is. There is nothing habitable about this space.

This home looks like an abandoned space out of a scary movie. 

We can also see how the space is very constricted because of all of the walls and doors, which is not the most ideal design for a small apartment. You want ease of flow to give the impression of spaciousness. 

Before: Clutter and chaos

In this image, we can see how there are personal items, cutlery, crockery and glassware littering this small home, which makes for a very unappealing home.

The colours, textures and tones clash with decor items and functional features haphazardly thrown together. Look at how the wall features a calendar and a clock—there is no strategy, they've just been stuck up without any effort.

A small home should be neat and organised, otherwise you end up with this very unappealing look and feel.

Have a look at these 6 smart kitchen storage solutions to see what we mean.

After: A whole new world

You cannot even believe that this is the same home.

The grotesque space that we saw in the previous images has been shelled out and now we are left with a very smart, modern and minimalist design.

The designers have gone for a neutral colour palette, combining light wooden floors with white walls. This creates a very clean look and feel. 

There is also a lot of natural light filtering into the home, which bounces off the light walls to create a very light and bright home. The lighting in the kitchen is no longer neon or stark, which creates a much better ambiance in this space. Don't you love the trendy light bulb look?

After: Smart storage solutions

Earlier we mentioned just how important smart storage solutions are, especially in small homes.

In this new and improved apartment, you'll notice that there are no unnecessary objects or items lying around this space, making it look cluttered or messy. This is a far cry from the image we saw of the previous kitchen!

The designers have invested in shelves, cupboards, drawers and cabinets throughout the home to ensure that there is plenty of space to keep anything that isn't functional neatly out of sight. This makes for a much cleaner and more modern looking environment that is chic and stylish!

After: The big picture

In this image, we really get a sense of how peaceful and serene the new home is with its neutral colour palette and warm tones. This doesn't meant that you can't introduce a bit of creativity and texture, however.

In this image, we can see how some funky lights have been featured in the living space, showing us how easy it is to use a functional item as a decor item. These lamps not only look good, but they give the room a beautiful, soft glow.

We can also see how the light tones throughout the home make for a much better flow and a smooth connection between the spaces in the house.

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