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Top 5 Projects of the Week: Best (Ever) DIY Tips to Décor Blunders Guests Notice

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Sunday mornings are a time for calm reflection. For putting your feet up and letting your Monday-to-Friday stresses fade into the background, if only for a short while. 

Whatever your circumstances are, you certainly don't need to be bothered right now. We get it! That's why we keep our homify Top 5 concise and to the point. But what is that point? Well, it's to show you, dear reader, our most popular Ideabooks of the last seven days.

Today, in descending order, from Top Of The Pops to Top 40 new entry, we have; 26 brilliant DIY tips; cool modern wall ideas; ways to make it look like you hired a gardening pro; décor blunders your guests will notice and interior design traps to avoid falling into.

By the end of this round up, we'll have your home and garden looking tip top!

1. 26 of the Best (Ever) DIY Tips!

DIY home improvement is fantastic because anybody, with any skill set, can have a go and there will be one or two projects that work wonderfully well. It's just so inclusive! 

There's a way to make everyone that little bit more proficient with some tools and an idea, so we found 26 amazing DIY tips to show you. 

Don't get us wrong, we're always going to need brilliant professionals, like electricians and builders, but for those niggly little jobs around the house, like a loose cupboard door in your kitchen, we know you've got this!

2. Cool Modern Ideas for Your Walls

For a quick and easy room revamp, looking at changing up your walls is a great idea. However, if you think there's only paint and wallpaper to choose from, prepare to have your mind blown! 

There are so many incredible wall materials, coverings and finishes out there that you never have to think your home design is a little boring ever again. And because there's so much variety, we know you'll love at least one of these suggestions!

3. Gardening Tricks to Make it Look Like You Hired a Pro

It's wonderful to be good friends with your neighbours, but it's ok to admit that you want your house and garden to be a little nicer than theirs. It's only human nature to feel a little competitive every now and then! 

With that in mind, we've looked at some beautiful gardening projects in order to identify a few key features that you can mimic yourself, while leading your neighbours to believe you've had the professionals come in and do all the hard work for you.

4. Décor Blunders Your Guests Notice (But Don't Mention)

Do you ever walk around other people's homes and notice things you wouldn't do in your own home? Or that you think are real home furnishing no-no's? 

Well, what makes you think guests don't do that in your home? One man's stylish living room is another's disaster zone, but having looked at some top tips from interior designers, we think we've got a good handle on what you should try to avoid.

Take a look at our top blunders you don't want to be making and see if you need to remedy anything quick sharp!

5. Decorating Traps We Don't Want You to Fall Into

Wouldn't it be marvellous if we were all totally faultless? Well, how we decorate our homes can be, thanks to the tips and tricks that we've gleaned from professional interior designers. 

From keeping plenty of traffic space in your living room through to hiding away all your cables and keeping your home furnishing schemes simple, we think we've covered all bases here, so take a look and see if you agree!

Go on, tell us which article was your favourite...

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