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Things you should keep away from home

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Isn’t being an adult fun? No bedtime, eating ice cream whenever you want, and no more having to ask parents’ permission if you want a friend to sleep over. Having said that, growing up also comes with its own set of not-so nice responsibilities – like paying rent and, well, paying for everything yourself! 

But cheer up, it’s not all doom and gloom, because part of the fun of living the grown-up lifestyle is being in charge of your home’s look and style. And don’t think about labelling that as “difficult”, for here on homify we have a vast range of tips and tricks to ensure your interiors (and outdoor spaces) remain stylish, neat, and clean. 

Today we’ll be crossing off things that absolutely do not belong in your home if you want to call yourself a responsible and style-conscious adult (or are 30 years old, whichever comes first). 

So, let’s take it from the top.

1. Temporary furniture

What we mean by that is furniture pieces that only fill up space and don’t contribute to your overall style whatsoever. 

You’re an adult now, so make sure those sofas, shelves, and tables (among other things) you bring into your home are pieces that complement your lifestyle and can grow old with you.

2. TV stands

That TV stand with the TV on that was made especially for the TV might look okay in the store, but that doesn’t mean you have to copy it verbatim in your home. 

Try and do something different and more decorative, like purchase a sleek credenza.

3. Frameless wall art

You don’t need to purchase expensive Monet or Picasso originals, but please put your wall art (whether it’s flea market-bought or family photographs) in beautiful frames that complement your interiors. 

And that counts for your Avatar movie poster too – it will make a big difference, trust us!

4. Fluorescent floor lamps

Why opt for something that casts a very unflattering glow on… everything? Incandescent- and soft lighting floor lamps are just as accessible, yet much easier on the eyes. Plus, they can do wonders for your complexion. 

Be sure to see our vast range of lighting experts here on homify.

5. Very small rugs

Don’t just lay down a small rug just to show you have one; lay down one that adds texture, colour and pattern in the largest size your room can handle. 

It will definitely elevate the entire room’s look.

6. Cheap bedding

Wykeham Court by WN Interiors homify Modern style bedroom

Wykeham Court by WN Interiors


You work hard and you’re getting older, so why would you not treat yourself to decent bedding?

7. An unmade bed

Making your bed every morning sets up your mood to accomplish the rest of your day’s tasks. And it’s what responsible adults do!

8. Plastic crockery

Unless you're planning to host a picnic or garden party, plastic dishes and serving pieces do not belong in your grown-up home.

9. Tacky picture frames

Modern Living Room with the Asian Touch Rosangela Photography Modern living room
Rosangela Photography

Modern Living Room with the Asian Touch

Rosangela Photography

If you can’t bear to part with that frame of you and your friend that says “BFF” in loud, bright colours, then at least move it to another room, like your study.

For the rest of your frames, invest in classic silver-plated frames or other styles that look and feel sophisticated and flow with your décor.

10. Those cheesy shot glasses

If those kitschy shot glasses are reminiscent of good days gone by, then keep them in a cabinet somewhere in your kitchen or bar area. 

Just ensure they don’t resort to a cluttered look.

11. An empty fireplace mantel or bookshelf

Flowers, art pieces, keepsakes, books, and other accessories can all spice up our interiors, so please buy some interesting and fun objects to dress up your storage spaces.

12. Fake plants and flowers

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, a plastic plant doesn’t add any style or value to a room. 

Opt for indoor plants that only require a small amount of water and attention – it will instantly freshen up your space.

13. The pillows that came with the sofa

They are uniform and boring, and you can do so much better than that! Buy different sized pillows/cushions, use an odd number (it’s more artful in design), and play with different colours and textures. 

homify hint: Consider the pillows’ sizes: about 45 cm for a sofa with typical dimensions, oversized ones (60 cm) for a casual look, and 40 cm for a modern sofa with a very low back. 

Be sure to see our tips when it comes to: Sofa Selection Perfection.

What other things don't belong in an adult home?

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