12 mistakes you make when setting up your home

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In today's article we will deal with the pressing issue of errors in interior design, construction and overall decision making about the look of your home. It is because of these mistakes, that many of us have not yet achieved our dream house, and are still searching all around the internet for ways to create this perfect home. This article, aims to prevent some of these mistakes, and help you save time and money on the road to getting the ideal home.

We all hate it when we make mistakes, and many people try to ignore them, so that they don't have to deal with the consequences. But by talking about them, we get the opportunity to fix them, and save others from making similar mistakes. So, let's talk about some of these mistakes and get back on the course to creating our dream homes.

1. Look out for excuses and justifications

There are some ideas, that may seem rather farfetched and difficult to implement in the real world. These ideas are often the most cherished parts of our dream home however, due to their difficulty, may be the targets of excuses and justifications as to why these ideal homes cannot be built. The most common excuses range from your home not being suitable for a certain climate to the excuse that large windows are hard to wash. 

Despite these justifications, there has been huge progress in technology over the past several years, that have made this possible. Now-a-days, houses of certain styles can be in almost any environment, and large windows have never been easier to clean. The only real thing stopping you, is the budget. Obviously, luxury comes at a price and it is important to keep the amount you are spending in mind. The key to getting your dream house on the right budget, is working closely with the right architect, one that won't give you silly excuses, and someone that will understand your budget and help you achieve your ideal house.

2. Don't over do it

At certain points, mistakes are made when we reach too far. An example of this would be removing cottages in a rural area, and replacing them with ultra-modern, luxury homes, that have the styles of mountain chateaux or villas in the forests down by the river.

Not all styles can fit into every surrounding, and there are times when certain themes will clash. It is important to focus on the environment around the house, and select a style that will fit it well. If the style does not fit, you may have to rethink the placement of your home.

3. Paying too much attention to the living room

When it comes to rooms people will spend a lot of time in, the living room is on the top of the list. While it's easy to focus on this one room, placing a lot of time and effort into it, it will come at the cost. The cost, is usually that the other rooms will not look as complex or thought out. 

Kitchens, bedrooms and even closets all loose that personal touch, if the focus is mainly on one room. It's best to give each part it's due, and not just get lost in designing one specific place.

4. Don't buy small furniture as a band-aid

Small pieces of furniture, either bought on impulse, or to replace something that was missing, can very quickly disrupt the style of your home. For instance, if you bought plastic drawers for your modern kitchen, simply because you liked the look of them in the store, you will soon find that they stick out like a sore thumb, and can even spoil the whole theme. 

When focusing on furniture, make sure to solve everything on the design level beforehand, instead of buying it one thing at a time. This will ensure a solid style that any homeowner can be proud of.

5. Beware wallpapers that are too busy

Amazonia Light Wallpaper Witch and Watchman Walls & flooringWallpaper
Witch and Watchman

Amazonia Light Wallpaper

Witch and Watchman

Whether they be too bright, too dark or too busy, wallpapers can very quickly spoil a good home. If they are too busy, they may draw the attention away from the rest of the room and possibly inspire negative feelings in other people, like the feeling of getting lost.

Also, the European tradition of gluing wallpapers to the wall is a pretty big mistake as it only becomes on accent on the wall, and doesn't last permanently, eventually peeling away.

6. Make sure the indoors and the outdoors don't clash

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Descender Fronts installed at an Events Venue


If, when you look out of your window, you see the historic city centre, a small rural village, or even a modern city,  make sure your style doesn't clash with it. Nothing can take a person out of a moment, quite like looking at a rural village from an ultra-modern villa. And if you've already chosen a certain style, at least try to adapt the window area and balcony to better fit with the style.

7. Don't forget about the smaller rooms

Planning your walk-in closet, pantry or even a small office in which you can work, is just as important as the sofas and beds in other, larger, rooms. Make sure to plan everything to your standards. Once you've finished, it's hard to go back and re-do certain things.

8. Go beyond the old solutions

If you're remodeling an apartment you have a great opportunity to make some modern changes to the old design. For instance, opening up the kitchen and combining it with the living room, will free up a lot of floor space and make the whole room more relaxing, and save your from closed off, smaller rooms. Opening up your home is something that older designs didn't often do, and it might be a good idea to move some money in that direction.

9. Don't think of simplicity as a synonym for poverty

A common mistake that people often make is cluttering a room with different pieces of furniture, just to create the feeling of owning a lot of things, and by that logic, making others think that they are rich. This however, is not the case. Adopting a simple style, for instance minimalism and or the Scandinavian style, shows that you know your stuff, but don't have to show off. 

The whites, blacks, and greys tell a short, but precise story about your social status, and let you relax without all that clutter. If you want to reach that new level of comfort, you won't regret going simple.

10. Don't buy things without a plan

A cruel joke that gets played on people a lot, is when they see something in the store and immediately buy it, believing that it will fit perfectly in their homes. Even if the shopping process is fun, your heart may drop the moment you get home, and realise the item you just bough doesn't belong anywhere. When going through the store, keep in mind the colour palette and the style of the room, to save yourself some trouble when you get home.

11. Trust the professionals

If you're worried that the renovation isn't even worth it, or you don't know where to begin, simply call up a professional and get an opinion. There are people who deal with such situations on a daily basis and will discuss your dream house up until the point when they can hand it to you on a silver platter.

What's more, don't just get the opinion of one professional. Ask around and see what the responses are. After you've found the pro that is best suited to your style, go with them. It never hurts to consider multiple choices.

12. Have set priorities

Of course, on the road to getting your dream house, sometimes thing may not work out just like you planned, and you may not get everything at once. From unforeseen issues to lack of money, there are things that may go wrong. However, this is not a tragedy and doesn't mean you've failed. 

Renovations like these can take a while, and having set priorities is key. If you plan on renovating your whole home, start by going from one room to the other. Don't do all of them at once This way, if something does go wrong, only one room will be affected, not the whole house. Pick something to focus on and do it. After that, move on to the next thing. Follow this path and in what will seem like no time, you'll have the house of your dreams.

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