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6 tricks to make your patio look brand new

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Do you think that your patio has the potential to be amazing? It doesn’t have to look boring and underutilised anymore, and through this Ideabook your patio will be fun, elegant and a charming space to relax and unwind, regardless of the season. The patio, garden or generally any outdoor area can be a great entertainment zone for family and friends, or even a secondary dining space for that house party, which is why it is vital to make your patio a place of perfection, with help from homify and a landscaper of course!

1. Organise your plants

Modern patios seem to be smaller than their older counterparts, but that shouldn’t stop you from making your outdoor zone fabulous and comfortable! Think about some vertical planting and make use of your walls. Remember that you don’t need to only plant blooms and buds, some vegetables and herbs could be a welcome choice for your patio too.

2. Clean up your grounds

Maintaining a tidy look will ensure that your patio is perfect. Tiles are the easiest material to keep in great shape, while also being durable and resistant to the elements, grass requires a lot of work, while wooden flooring for your patio needs to be stained each year as the sun bleaches the colour, wood needs to undergo a proper sealing session is in store every few years remain decent.

3. Weed free

Having a grassy green area as part of your home means more than just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors on a brilliant and sunshine loving day, it also entails checking up on the condition of your grass daily, which of course means weeds. These pesky plants crop up everywhere in a garden, and could quickly turn your beautiful yard into a drab eyesore. You can choose to get rid of the weeds through a chemical spray process on a regular basis, or opt to pull them out by hand for a more eco-friendly means of destruction. But, it’s important to destroy all the weeds from the root.

4. Tiled feeling

Tiles are a great choice to decorate your patio flooring, they allow for the space to look and feel cooler during the hot summer months, and can also have a rustic effect when grass grows between them. This material is also an affordable and easy to maintain choice for your backyard, so go on and keep them clean.

5. The details

There are simple decorative details that should be included in your patio design to keep it looking great. Furniture, seating and storage as well as adequate lighting could be the deciding factor to making your patio usable at any time of the day. Add some large pot plants and create a colourful environment while you’re at it.

6. Equipment and accessories

A usable patio area, especially if it is poolside will need to have some party appropriate equipment to look amazing, so consider a fantastic grill with a fryer, bug zappers for those summer nights, and of course lamps to keep the patio well-lit for entertaining. You may want to consider keeping the mess outside with an outdoor kitchen area too. These 14 great ideas for your garden will have a fantastic result.

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