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Unmissable ideas for creating a unique shower room

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You might think that a shower room requires just one thing but in order to create a welcoming, relaxing and cohesive space, design has to come into play too. We can't help but think that if you are giving your new room a little thought, why not push yourself a bit further and give total consideration to every facet that you will install to produce a room that is not only a perfect representation of you, your tastes and needs, but is also as unique as possible? 

Surely there can't be many things worse than walking into someone else's home and seeing carbon copy of a room that you have so follow our advice for creating a one off shower room and let your fears of design imitation simply wash away.

Go off grid with your tiles

With so many high street ceramic chains now in operation, it could be tempting to simply select your shower room tiles from one of them, but don't give in! By opting to go further afield, you will stand a far better chance of selecting something not only more beautiful but far less common, like these simply stunning turquoise examples. 

Non-uniform in shape or colour, these tiles are providing the perfect backdrop for an equally eccentric choice of hardware, from Kenny & Mason, which makes the room as a whole not only unique, but incredibly striking. Nothing in this space looks as though it has been chosen from a catalogue or prescribed style sheet and we love it.

Showcase your hardware

This is a delightful space, whichever way you look at it, with lovely features all working together to create a room that is clearly geared towards relaxation, but what we are focusing on is the lovely shower hardware that has been installed. 

A chunky and almost industrial choice, the shower here is just far too attractive to hide, so we are glad to see that the owners have opted to leave it visible, while even going a step further and encasing it in an entirely see-through box, so as to show it off! It can be so easy to overlook hardware, especially in the shower room, but when it can be such a showstopper, we think you'd be mad not to go all out.

Hide from view

Shower screens may not be a topic that instantly excites or inspires you, but you would be wrong to dismiss them so quickly! The options are endless, with glass blocks, tiled walls and glass panels all being relatively commonplace now, but have you ever seen a drop down screen like this one before?

Shower room design is really moving forward with pieces such as this and while it is subtle, thanks to the ceiling mounted unit, the screen itself has been finished in such a way as to guarantee aesthetic pleasure too. This is such a great solution to the problem of invasive, unattractive shower screens and is a long-awaited answer to the problem of mildew on shower curtains too, so our hats (and towels!) go off to the designer!

Location is everything

When you install a shower room, you will naturally give a great deal of thought as to where it would be best placed and we can't think of anywhere better than in your bedroom. A relatively modern twist on the en suite bathroom, it is becoming more and more common for property owners to include a working shower in their bedroom, or at least as part of a more open plan sleeping space. 

Offering quick access from the bed first thing in the morning, you could easily risk snoozing your alarm once more before leaping into this wonderfully minimal washing zone to get ready for another working day and what could be better than that?

Don't forget the lights

When we talk about lights in a unique shower room, you probably realise that we aren't referring to ceiling ones and you'd be right! In fact, we are thinking about something really off the wall, such as in-shower LED lighting that seeks to make every wash a disco. 

We are huge fans of this fluorescent blue hue that is synonymous with clean and hygienic spaces and can imagine that with the lights off, showering in here would be a lot of fun. The perfect way to get kids more keen to jump in, as well as adults, LED lighting in a shower room has our seal of approval and is a wallet-friendly style upgrade to any home.

Don't think small

We always think that you should seek to really maximise whatever space you have and in the case of a unique shower room, the bigger your shower, the better! 

This is a great example of what we mean when we talk about making good use of your space, with the shower taking up the full width of the room. The perfect incarnation of a family washroom, this is a far better use of floorspace than a single unit cubicle and makes a stunning aesthetic statement too. It really speaks of high end finishes and considered design, though it could be completed on a modest budget.

For invaluable bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Brilliant Bathroom Trends.

How would you revamp your shower room? Tell us in the comments, below.

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