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For some strange reason, the bathroom is the one room in the house that never seems to have enough storage space. Think about it; when was the last time you looked around your bathroom and thought: “Wow, so much room in here! Let’s add a second bathtub!”

We understand your pain, but we also know that moaning about it won’t do any good, which is why we’ve resorted to some clever planning to help you increase the capacity of your bathroom storage – yes, believe it or not, even your teen tiny bathroom back home can still take on some more goodies, if you are creative about where (and how) you place them! 

So, whether you need to rethink the way you fold your towels or update that sink area, we have some out-of-the-box thinking tips to help you visually size up that bathroom into a neat and tidy space.


1. Pick a large mirror

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It’s a simple trick that adds visual space to any room, including your small bathroom. Plus it increases the amount of light in the room (a very crucial factor when you’re doing makeup).

2. Roll your towels

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Rolling clothes helps you fit more items in your suitcase; well guess what, it works for your bathroom towels too. 

When you roll instead of fold them, you can fit more of them into the same amount of space, or clear up some extra legroom to make your bathroom look bigger.

3. Opt for pull-out drawers

Installing pull-out drawers in your bathroom cabinets lets you access the depths of that cabinet without having to dig past a myriad of bathroom goodies. 

A functional space is a happy space!

4. Relocate your towel rods

Hang up one (or even three) on the back of the door, instantly clearing up some wall space in your bathroom. 

You could even opt for an over-the-door towel rack.

5. Repaint the room

Light, neutral colours will help make your bathroom look more spacious, plus allow the light to reflect off those pale surfaces much easier.

6. Organise your medicine cabinet

Luxury Bathroom Studio Hooton Modern bathroom
Studio Hooton

Luxury Bathroom

Studio Hooton

First of all, check those expiration dates and toss whatever’s old. Organise the leftover medication by type or by the person who takes them. 

Plastic containers that fit on a shelf or under your sink are ideal for medication, which will help you find them quickly and easily.

7. Wall storage

Rather lose one or two wall art pieces and replace them with mounted baskets. Baskets are easy to mount on walls and look great as bathroom décor. You can have baskets for towels and washcloths, shampoos and soaps, shaving supplies, or whatever else you need to store. 

Give the kiddies each their own basket and make them responsible for keeping them neat.

8. Cute (and colourful) personalised boxes

If you have some space on the wall behind your toilet or sink, consider personalised boxes mounted against the wall. Have a box for each family member and keep their personal bathroom goodies in there.

9. Use those corners

There is no room to waste in a small bathroom, so let those corners commit to helping you out. Whether you install a corner sink or place a corner storage cabinet, it will surely help to keep your tiny bathroom uncluttered.

10. Opt for over-the-toilet storage

There is a lot of cabinetry and shelving nowadays that can be placed above the toilet, instantly making your bathroom design more interesting and practical.

11. So much more than for climbing

Ypsy for the Bathroom homify BathroomStorage MDF Green small bathroom,bathroom furniture,valet unit,valet stand

Ypsy for the Bathroom


Ladders can be quite useful to help with organising and displaying a range of bathroom accessories, from towels and soaps to potted plants.

12. Let your tub help you out

Thanks to creative designers, we can now treat ourselves to bathtubs with built-in storage compartments. Or if you’re an avid DIYer, you can opt to modify your existing tub with some storage shelves.

13. No doors, no problems

Chalet Gstaad, Ardesia Design Ardesia Design Rustic style bathroom
Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

No vanity with cabinet doors? Install a floating shelf underneath your sink for your range of bathroom goodies. Pack them in neat little baskets to avoid a cluttered look. 

You can also hang a colourful/patterned curtain in front to hide it away.

14. Add a mirror frame

Okay, so it won't increase your storage capacity, but a happy bathroom combines design and functionality. Framing your mirror quickly updates the feel of your tiny bathroom. 

Use moulding and paint it in a colour that will zhoosh up your space, or use basic trim for a clean and less-is-more look.

15. Hang up some spice racks

They work for the kitchen, so why not for the bathroom? A spice rack or two can fit all of that bathroom stuff you use every day (or think you’ll use every day). 

You could also hang them on the inside of your cabinets so they’re out of sight. Add a coat of paint or stain if you want those tones to complement your bathroom’s look.

16. Add a shelf above the door

That wall space above the door just goes to waste, so fill it up with a shelf. You won’t want to use it for your most-used items though, but it could be perfect for extra towels, cleaning supplies (neatly stacked into a pretty bin, of course), or some old magazines. 

Speaking of shelves, just take a look at these: Life-Organising Kitchen Shelves You'll Thank Us For.

Which idea(s) will you try in your tiny bathroom?

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