The chic makeover of a tiny apartment

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atelier B-L Mediterranean style kitchen
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The problem of insufficient space is one that plagues the owner of every small residence. However, the challenge of making a small home functional whilst imbuing it with style did not daunt the interior architects at BL Design e Arquitectura de Interiores in Lisbon, Portugal. They undertook the sizeable task of transforming a tiny apartment into a chic and functional home—and succeeded with flying colours! The remodelling was carried out intelligently within the existing layout and involved a total renovation of the furniture, lighting and surfaces. Let’s explore more…

​Before: a dingy kitchen

The outdated floor and wall tiles, shabby furniture and terribly mediocre lampshade was a dreary sight! This area needed a complete overhaul.

​After: snazzy transformation with vintage touches

The dismal floor tiles are gone and we have instead an elegant floor in white and grey. The lower part of the white walls have a brick veneer that looks beautifully rustic – a look that is enhanced by the brown bench, sleek wood finish of the furniture and dried arrangement in the vase. Given the lack of space for a dining area, the expert team has designed an ingenious kitchen countertop that doubles as a dining table by lifting two flaps! The ceiling light that casts a mesmerising dazzle adds a brilliant touch of glamour.

​Before: pokey bathroom

The tiny, cramped bathroom looks extremely drab and dated. The old-fashioned tiles and fixtures are commonplace and without an ounce of style. Let’s see how this area was improved…

​After: the magic of mirrors

Wow! The bathroom has undergone a dramatic renovation. The illusion of space has been brilliantly conjured up with the simple but elegant placing of wall mirrors. The lovely white brick veneer is repeated, and the contrast with the pleasing green tiles is aesthetically strong and soothing to the eye.

​Before: a dreary inner courtyard

The inner courtyard was a highly shabby affair. Look at the state of the decaying walls – covered with mould and crumbling plaster! The unappealing, bulky bench looked completely out of place in this tiny space – it needed to go.

​After: dainty little patio

What a pretty setting for a romantic dinner! The dainty white table with its classy stools and delicate lace tablecloth go well with the fresh white walls. We love the border of attractive tiles at floor level that does much to boost the elegance of the furniture. 

BL Design e Arquitectura de Interiores have surpassed themselves with their ingenious space-optimizing tricks, while adding stylish touches at every step! 

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