No Man's Land Turns Terrific Terrace

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Knowing how to landscape a garden space can be a really draining endeavour. Hence, so many of us simply employ the services of an amazing landscaper.

Today, we're taking a look at a wonderfully modern home that instead of revelling in stunning surroundings, was left to wallow in weeds and mud until a breathtaking terrace was designed and installed. Wrapping around the house itself, and with a cut-out flower bed in the centre, the impact of this wooden wonder is undeniable.

Come take a look and see if this might be the answer to your dull garden problem!

Before: That poor house!

Clearly a stunning modern house that has only recently been completed, it seems such a shame that there's nothing in the way of a garden to complement it.

It's even more sad when you look at the size of the windows, which will be looking out over nothing more than mud.

Before: Not the best view

We're not taking anything away from the construction team, but this is not the kind of view you'd want from your newly created home, is it?

One thing that is good though, is how vast the grounds actually are. There looks to be plenty of scope for a truly incredible outdoor space!

During: That's more like it

This terrace is really starting to look like something and what a thing of beauty it is. Perfectly matched to the exterior cladding of the house, this glossy, rich terrace is impressive in size and impact. 

Just imagine how incredible it will be to sit here and enjoy the garden when everything is finished.

During: Finishing touches

This wraparound terrace is bewitching.

The detailing is superb, the level of finish is out of this world and the extra details, like the aforementioned cut-out flower bed, are what elevate this project above so many others.

We can't wait to see what style of blooms are planted!

After: The perfect amount of Zen

It's hard to stay calm about this terrace as it's so gorgeous, but the little Zen addition helps to reign us back in.

A wonderful contrast with the rich varnished wood, white pebbles ensure this installation really stands out and grabs your attention.

And, hello to the rest of the fab landscaping and garden fencing.

After: The most lovely landscaping

With the terrace completed, the rest of the space also needed to be taken care of, and would you just look at how brilliant this modernist landscape is.

Dazzling white walls and built-in raised beds meet a perfect lawn with ease. We can't deny it any longer, we need a garden and terrace just like this!

For more amazing garden transformations, take a look at this Ideabook: Before and After: Inspiring Garden Makeovers.

Would a terrace like this work in your garden?

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