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16 garden rooms your neighbours would want to copy

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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Whether you fancy a conservatory-style garden room or a detached outbuilding in your outdoor space, we are so on board with the idea of having a wonderful location to enjoy your own private vista. 

An added bonus is that with a garden room, you can still enjoy, and be connected to, the outdoors even if it rains or turns a little chilly which, as we all know, is a given here in the UK!

Take a look at some of our favourite designs and then think about giving your landscape architect a call to find out what they think will work for you. 

1. Less of a garden room and more of a fabulous annex, we love the dark wood and glazing combination

2. Who wants to be the same as everyone else? Well, you wouldn't be if you opted for a fun cabin in your garden

3. This garden room is so huge it's home to a new kitchen!

Large Kitchen Conservatory: modern Conservatory by Vale Garden Houses
Vale Garden Houses

Large Kitchen Conservatory

Vale Garden Houses

4. A perfect little spot for enjoying the view and some quiet time, we love this orangery-inspired design

Orangery lounge extension : modern Conservatory by ROCOCO

Orangery lounge extension


5. What would you really call this? It's incredible and almost negates the need for an actual garden

Barnes, London: Culmax Glass Box Extension: modern Conservatory by Maxlight

Barnes, London: Culmax Glass Box Extension


6. What a way to mix modernity with a heritage home. A gorgeous, semi-traditional garden room

Le Pres de Bas: classic Conservatory by CCD Architects
CCD Architects

Le Pres de Bas

CCD Architects

7. Not only does this garden room look out onto greenery, it's home to a lot as well (that floor is also divine)

8. A perfectly designed little addition to a lovely house, this garden room blends right in

9. Another weird and wonderful suggestion but what a fun garden space!

10. Who wouldn't love a garden room that doubles up as a home gym? We might not use it as much as intended, but it would be amazing

11. A little Copacabana feel never goes amiss. This one is a party hub!

12. Ssssh! This garden room is designed to be a wonderfully secluded secret

13. Small but perfectly functional, this gazebo with a roof is a charming little garden room built on a budget

 Garden  by homify

Abri de jardin KUBHOME


14. There might not be any doors but there is an all-weather garden room that we think is charming

classic Garden by GRNT3D

villa 05


15. Well, who hasn't always fancied an outdoor games/garden room? We do now we know they exist

16. Do you really need walls to create a garden room? We don't think so, but we're saying that because we love this one so much!

For a little more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 23 Cheap But Effective (And Stylish) Garden Fencing Ideas.

Which style would look a treat in your garden?
Whitton Drive:  Terrace house by GK Architects Ltd

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