A Gorgeous Modern Home in Goa

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Yusuf Karim House Pics in Althino, Rita Mody Joshi & Associates Rita Mody Joshi & Associates Modern living room
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Talk about a residence in gorgeous Goa and our mind immediately conjures a vision of unlimited style! Today we have for you a breath-taking house in hilly Althino in Goa – a splendid residence that exudes classic beauty at every step! Goan architecture is strongly influenced by Indian, Mughal and Portuguese styles and the Yusuf Karim House takes ample inspiration from these. Architects Rita Mody Joshi & Associates have done full justice to Goa’s heritage while building this gorgeous home. Let’s take a tour!

​Pristine Splendour Of The Façade

What a lovely play of lines, volume and size in this immaculate, modern white façade! The straight lines of varying lengths and the elegant arches, the different sizes of balconies and the imposing pillars – all the elements combine cohesively in a grand exterior! The masterstroke is undoubtedly the stained glass extension over the upper balcony, a piece of art that tips us off to the artistic wonders that lie within!

​Reposing In The Spacious Hall

The warm-hued hall is a well-ventilated and welcoming area that permits ample natural light to enter. The brown hues of the traditional wooden furniture and fittings match the striking floor, which is a statement by itself! The arched windows and frosted glass are simple touches that add dollops of style to this space.

​Gorgeous Lights

What a magnificent display of lamps in this extraordinary light fixture! This is a stunning example of the sheer creative boldness with which the design team has melded vintage architectural styles within the residence. The colourful arrangement of glass lamps below the stained glass ceiling, surrounded by windows, makes for a truly dramatic, vivid effect!

​Tranquillity In The Dining Room

The dining room strikes a calm note with its soothing blue and green décor teamed with natural wood. The glass dining table on an elaborate wooden base looks impressive while the black lines on the polished floor create a pleasant contrast. The room is perfect for enjoying a peaceful meal.

​The Traditional Bedroom

We love the traditional look of this cosy bedroom! The carved wooden furniture brings an elaborate touch to a simple décor while the cream walls and shaded beige tones of the floor complement the wood beautifully. This a bedroom designed for relaxation.

​A Beautiful Ascent

The staircase again takes us back to the state’s heritage with its beautiful Mughal-inspired pieces of art along the wall. The cream tone of the wall merges with the ochre of the staircase while the black steps balance the black background of the artwork on the wall. The onyx pedestal in the corner adds the finishing touch of classic glamour to the warm and beautiful ambience in this space.

Rita Mody Joshi & Associates have fashioned a classical masterpiece, combining a simple décor with dramatic elements for a vintage flavour. For more inspiring ideas, take a look at another home tour - A Playful and Vibrant Apartment in Chennai!

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