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Interior Design and Room Staging ULA Interiors Eclectic style bedroom
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The teenage years, as we all know, can be full of challenges for both parents and teenagers alike. It is important for teens to have their own space in which they can develop and display their personality and interests. It's unlikely your teen is going to be pleased with an understated and elegant white bedroom when they would rather plaster the walls with posters and create something individual. Of course, there is always a compromise to be had, and when you discuss together the best way to decorate, you can reach a half-way point. The compromise comes in many forms, depending of course on what your terms are. In fact, your teen probably has their own set ideas about what they want that might actually be the making of a very well-designed bedroom. Take a look at these bedroom ideas to get the conversation started.

Study corner

Vibrant primary colours give the room some energy: the room should feel young and full of life. Pop art prints are popular and often fairly gender-neutral. The desk is (or should be) an important spot, so it needs to be tidy, accessible, and offer plenty of surface space for textbooks and a laptop. It seems that cramped study spaces aren't so conducive to learning, so if you're going to include a desk in the bedroom, opt for one with built in draws and little shelves.

Furnishing a small bedroom

Bedroom | Punggol Field Honeywerkz Minimalist bedroom

Bedroom | Punggol Field


Decorating small bedrooms can be difficult, and your youngest is often the recipient of the ‘box room': in this case, it really is best to keep the colour scheme neutral. Without the space for a lot of furniture you'll both have to find a way to introduce some personality into the room. One way of going about this is to frame your teen's favourite prints or photos. It avoids the damage that posters cause to the walls when stuck on with blue-tack, but still provides the opportunity to be creative. 

Soft furnishings

These blue striped cushions are likely to appeal to both younger and older teens. Blue is known for being the traditional colour of a boy's bedroom from the very beginning, but these gender specific colour schemes are becoming less common when it comes to decorating nurseries and kids rooms. Of course, your youngster is old enough to know their favourite colour by now, and with lots of soft furnishing options available to suit every taste, you're bound to find something you both agree on. 

Click here to read an ideabook on colour schemes in children's bedrooms—perfect if you have some younger ones at home too.


Interior Design and Room Staging ULA Interiors Eclectic style bedroom
ULA Interiors

Interior Design and Room Staging

ULA Interiors

It's pretty clear from the word itself that the bed is the most important part of the bedroom. In light of recent research, it's generally accepted that teens have irregular sleeping patterns and are more disposed to sleep disorders than adults or young children. Therefore, the bed is even more important for a teen. A decent mattress and a season-appropriate duvet tick off the basics, and a well crafted bed frame will save you money in the long run (as always, the investment of a decent bed is worth paying a bit extra at the time). 

The finishing touches, such as a nice bedspread and decorative pillows, can jazz up the bedroom without requiring a long term commitment. Tastes and fashions change regularly, and your teen may want something entirely different in a year or two.

Ornaments and trinkets

Products West Elm
West Elm


West Elm

These cute little ceramics are characterful but subtle, and would make a nice youthful addition to any bedroom—assuming they get stored away during parties! Little ornaments like this are fun to shop for together; don't take up much space, and can be taken off to halls or a new flat when your teen finally flies the nest.  

Bedside table

Robot Side table &New BedroomBedside tables

Robot Side table


This ‘Robot side table' from &New is ideal if you want to create a modern, arty vibe. The merits of bold primary colours are clear, as this table even looks good next to purposely mismatched bedding (and we know a perfectly organised bedroom might not be at the top of every teenager's priority list). Easy to keep clean, with storage space for books and magazines: what's not to love? 

For more bedside table ideas, suitable for teens and adults, check out this ideabook.

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