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Space-saving tricks aren't just for those with small homes, in any size home you can benefit from the space-saving techniques we will help you to employ below! The options are endless and you don't even have to consider typical storage compartments and units. Elevated beds, open-concept living and a strategic use of wall and ceiling space can all change the feel to your home and create the illusion of more space.

As usual, the trick to saving space is to make sure that you don't have an over-abundance of goods to start with!

1. A classic: the sofa bed

Small living areas typically don't have much room for guests, and sometimes in the worst case, they don't even have enough room for a separate bedroom. A sofa bed can easily fix this problem! Better yet, as more and more furniture companies and designers are seeing the need for sofa beds in smaller apartments and younger generations, they're making them more comfortable than they've ever been in the past!

2. Another very useful place: under the stairs

Just like corners, under-stairway space can seem like one of those daunting areas that you're not quite sure what to do with! We suggest you use them for storage and other efficient uses. Customised drawers and cabinets are a great option, and even adding a curtain or temporary wall can keep such items disguised!

3. On walls

A more traditional option, shelving units, bookshelves and storage units are a great way create more space from yourself. In small spaces, the goal is to always reserve and create more legroom. That means moving things from the floor to the walls and various storage spaces!

4. On wheels

Make your furnishings mobile! Bar carts, dining room tables, coffee tables, storage units and other furnishings are sometimes better on wheels so they can be available when you need them and disposed of when you don't. This is of course a temporary fix to furnishings and accessories, but makes them incredibly flexible and adaptable to your lifestyle nad needs!

5. The art of disguise

Too often homeowners don't consider putting things in walls, we sit things along them and outside them. In times when you have no space or feel cramped, consider putting certain appliances in a recessed position in the walls. Washers, driers (as long as you have proper ventilation here!), dishwashers, etc;

6. Recessed storage

Fitted Wardrobe homify BedroomWardrobes & closets Solid Wood Beige

Fitted Wardrobe


Instead of exposed shelving, bookshelves and accessories sitting everywhere, recessed storage is a great way to add ample space for organising items, all the while making your rooms look particularly clean and subtle. All of the cabinet and wardrobe space in this bedroom can easily hold everything from clothing to shoes and seasonal items. 

7. Open concept

Open concept living as a design technique has been around for quite some time. The idea behind it is that you opt to remove barriers, walls and partitions for a more seamless and combined living space Typically, if one wants to define different living areas in an open concept space, you use furnishings, accessories and rugs to do this—like seen here. 

8. An elevated bed

A perfect solution for small living spaces, student apartments and studio apartments, elevated beds are a clever use of vertical space. Not only can you easily create storage space below them, but you can even have a full wardrobe underneath your bed as well!

Don't be distracted by small spaces, simply put more though into your design techniques for a more functional and efficient space. For more creative and tasteful bed design, we have a great article on simple tricks to beautify your bed area!

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