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A cleaning plan that works for you (and your home)

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The idea of a perfectly clean home is just as realistic and attainable as an overseas holiday – some work needs to get done first in order to achieve it! And even though cleaning in real life is not as cheerful and fun as Disney movies would have us believe (no singing animal folk will be helping you out, unfortunately), the end results can be just as spotless and sparkling as you want it to be. 

But the key to spick-and-span success is not trying to do it all, otherwise you could end up doing nothing. Rather scroll through the 6 plans we’ve picked out, and decide which one will work best for your home and lifestyle. 

And hey – should you decide to play some Disney sing-along songs in the background to help motivate you, then have fun!

Plan 1: The clutter buster

This is a popular cleaning method, as the end result is definitely much cleaner and open on a visual level. Start off by clearing away clutter (the less stuff there is, the less there is to clean). This can be by either storing them away or donating them. 

It helps to get other household members on board, making each person responsible for her/her own belongings. And with every space that you tackle, follow these three steps:

• Remove everything.

• Vacuum or wipe down the empty space.

• Replace only what you want/need.

Plan 2: The culinary cleanser

Tillingham | A Classic Family Kitchen Davonport Classic style kitchen White

Tillingham | A Classic Family Kitchen


Cooking and dirt do not mix, which is why a thorough cleaning of your kitchen is crucial. Start off by clearing out old foods and spices (to gain more space, remember?). Wash the interiors of your fridge, pantry, and food cupboards. Remember to focus on the nooks and corners that are so often overlooked. 

Also give the oven, microwave, and toaster a thorough cleansing, as well as the sink. Finish off by wiping down the walls and windows – don’t forget about that backsplash.

Plan 3: The textile refresher

If it’s been a while since you cleaned your cushions and rugs, then we recommend this cleaning plan for you. Kick off by laundering the small and washable items, like cotton rugs, slipcovers, and shower curtains. When laundering slipcovers, it’s best to put them back on while they’re still barely damp for a better fit.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is better left to professional cleaners, or you can rent a carpet cleaner to have a go at it yourself. Drapery and upholstery that can’t be cleaned by another method can usually be steam-cleaned safely by a steam cleaner designed for textiles. 

Take a look at our vast range of professionals here on homify.

Plan 4: Going green

Want to jump on the ‘green living’ bandwagon? Consider a healthy, eco-friendly makeover for your home: 

• When it comes to mopping, wiping counters, or caring for furniture, consider natural cleansers (or baking soda and white vinegar).  

• Use cut-up old T-shirts and towels as rags instead of paper towels. 

• Replace disposables with reusable items, like glass water bottles, stainless steel straws, cloth shopping bags/napkins, etc. 

An air purifier is always a good idea, but don’t forget about simpler methods like opening a window and keeping a healthy house plant.

Plan 5: The deep clean

Set aside a day to tackle those truly deep (and often grimy) spots in your house, and reward yourself with a treat afterwards for a job well done. 

Some basic deep-cleaning tasks you can put on your to-do list include:  

• Vacuuming those hard-to-reach places you usually skip, like underneath beds and behind furniture. 

• Cleaning out the dryer hose and vacuuming inside the lint trap. 

• Cleaning behind the fridge and vacuuming the coils. 

• Scrubbing the grout in the kitchen and bath. 

• Cleaning out the garbage can and recycling bins. 

• Dusting the light fixtures. 

• Cleaning the blinds.

Remember to clean/empty out your vacuum bag as well!

Plan 6: The outside organiser

Rear Garden homify Modern balcony, veranda & terrace

Rear Garden


Of course nobody loves the idea of staying inside to clean while the weather is quite lovely; thus, consider scrubbing up those exterior areas while getting some fresh air and sunshine in the process. 

Clean out those gutters and downspouts, wash the windows, sweep the porch, and hose down your house’s sidings. If you have the time and energy, clean up those garden tools, edge the lawn, and touch-up those flowerbeds.

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So, which plan will you tackle next cleaning day?

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