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A modern and monumental farmhouse with industrial elements

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All right, so we know that personal taste differs from person to person, but not all of us desire to be city bound. Most of us would jump at the chance of living in the countryside: open fields, fresh air, and green nature as far as the eye can see—not to mention the absence of rush-hour traffic and nosey next-door neighbours peering into your yard!

Of course living in a rural area doesn’t mean one has to go all savage. Style and beauty is not exclusive to cities and towns, as today’s homify 360° so expertly proves yet again: a modern farmhouse with some industrial touches, expertly planned layouts, and a whole lot of style! 

Don’t believe us? Then scroll on right ahead…

A combination of old and new

At first look, the house’s façade is exactly what one would expect an old farmhouse to look like – just notice that lovely thatched roof and the brick surfaces! But one cannot overlook that exquisite double-storey window that provides a decadent touch of cutting-edge style (not to mention an abundance of natural lighting and landscape views flooding inside).

Work in progress

The house is still being worked on, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sneak a peek at the interiors. Although not 100% finalised, the inside of the house already presents a striking space, no doubt thanks to its ingenious combination of materials and tones. 

Quite a lot of the old structure’s elements were preserved, such as the wooden ceiling beams and select brick-wall surfaces. These rustic touches stand out so much more when compared to the new modern additions.

The kitchen of charm

Standing on the top floor, we take a peek down to see what the kitchen and dining space looks like from above. The white floors and walls provide a sleek touch, while a wooden counter and dining table bring in some country-style charm. Wood just has a magical way of adding warmth and charm to any space, doesn’t it?

Highly spacious

The interiors provide a decadently spacious area, thanks to the two floors being so openly connected to one another: standing on the top floor provides superb views of the ground floor areas. 

Notice how the timber beams seemingly come to life as they flow from the ceiling to the floor, transforming into wooden tables and timber-clad stairs. 

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The focal piece

The main focal piece in this house (in our opinion, at least) has to be that fantastic staircase that connects the ground floor with the top areas. A beautiful combination between industrial black steel railings and rustic wooden steps conjure up a striking look that grabs one’s attention from the get go, and ensures a most stylish way to travel upstairs (and downstairs, for that matter). 

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