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Bathroom floors: a simple how to guide

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Marble Bathroom in London Amarestone Bathroom
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So you've designed your perfect bathroom. You have that gorgeous bathtub that you just can't wait to soak in, with bubbles up to your chin and candlelight dancing across the walls. You've chosen the perfect taps, which pour water into the basin: you're pleased with every detail of the suite. Even your flooring looks simply perfect!

But did you look into all the options? From marble to mosaic, laminate to stone? There are so many materials and designs to choose from in the modern market and you should definitely spend some time shopping around before you make a commitment. Don't just opt for the classic linoleum option, think out of the box, think contemporary. Think about the best material to suit both your practical and aesthetic needs and don't limit yourself. Do some research beforehand… or let us help you with that.

Tasteful tiles

Here we see the opposite of the mosaic: small tiles but plain and simple in their design. There's no added fuss in this bathroom floor. It's simple, clean and contemporary. These bathroom tiles are easy to clean and easily maintained once laid. Perfect for the long lasting bathroom.

The plain white really works in this bathroom as it accentuates that wonderful natural colour of the exposed brick on the far wall. This is a wonderful example of a contemporary rustic bathroom, mixing the country (the exposed brick) with the modern (the glass shower and wall lights). Tiles are always a great material to lay on your bathroom floor as they can come in any colour, shade or pattern you desire depending on the vibe of your bathroom and how eclectic or traditional you would like your design to be. 

Majestic marble

Italian Marble Bathroom Amarestone Bathroom

Italian Marble Bathroom


Oh marble: that classic material of elegance and opulence. A material we aspire to have in our homes, decorating our flooring and furniture with swirling beauty. Marble bathrooms, whether light and bright or of ebony tones, inspire awe in the onlooker by stating a sense of refined taste.

Here the marble is not confined to just the flooring, but also the walls. The designer here has chosen a white, high quality marble, flecked with swirls of darker hues. This works wonderfully in this room alongside the white bathtub.

Luxurious laminate

Classic Oak Beige Quick-Step Walls & flooringWall & floor coverings

Classic Oak Beige


Laminate flooring is really the ultimate solution to hard-wearing flooring. In the above example, Quick-Step Impressive shows off its collection of simply stunning laminate floors that boast not only a long-lasting material but also a gorgeous design.

Imitating wooden flooring can be a difficult thing to do but here the grain magically runs along the floor, looking as authentic as can be. Natural has never looked so flawless. Another great thing about most laminate floor, particularly the one exemplified above, is the waterproof nature of the material. Laminate flooring is the best way to achieve that wood flooring look without breaking your bank account—you'll never regret not choosing the 'real' thing!

Subtle stone

Stone works to give a bathroom that rustic chic look or industrial vibe that are so prominent in home design at present. Coupled with some weather beaten wood, as in the example above, and you have the perfect rustic chic bathroom. The texture of the stone floor in this example is subtly eye-catching with its myriad of grey tones mixing through light and dark. It's an unassuming material and allows the eye to wander over other features of the bathroom, such as the rustic accessories that the designer has added.

But don't hesitate to be more experimental with your stone bathroom floor. It can come in a much darker shade, really making a statement within your bathroom design. Here the designer has opted for a wonderfully subtle shade, allowing for a calm, rural atmosphere.

Wood wonders

If you're feeling a little bit more fancy when designing your bathroom, definitely opt for that glorious wood material that you've always dreamed of. Wooden floors in bathrooms are a relatively contemporary design feature and one that should stay in trend for some time to come. They work best in a country house or rustic themed home, particularly when there are wooden beams overhead, such as in the above picture.

The beams spanning the breadth of the ceiling work well in harmonising the room, bringing together the wooden floor, sink and bath unit. The grains and knots are still visible in the floor, creating a sense of the natural brought indoors. As the walls are painted a simple, off-white shade, the floor really stands out as a focal design feature in this room and rightly so. These boards are well designed, well made and well fitted. 

Magnificent mosaic

Mosaic bathroom floors are certainly quirky and eclectic. But just look at this example: don't you feel absolutely inspired to have a mosaic floor in your bathroom? These tiny pieces of tile are arranged by colour and design into a huge repeating pattern, which spans the length of the entire floor. The busy mosaic pattern works especially well in a bathroom such as this one as it's a fairly large, open space, letting the mosaic have room to breathe naturally and not dominate proceedings.

In addition, the rest of the room is relatively neutral, with a white free standing bath, elegant light purple accent wall and other neutral toned accessories. The pattern even runs up the end of the dividing wall, between bath and shower, working beautifully to tie the room together. 

What style of flooring would you opt for in your bathroom? Let us know in the comments, below.

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