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​These 14 bathrooms show you how to use natural stone

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There's something decidedly delicious about bringing a natural material in its raw state into a home. We all know the beauty that rustic wood can add to a space, so today we thought we’d focus on another one: natural stone.

Natural stone can make a rustic space look exquisite, but don’t think that this material is exclusive to the rustic style. As it is available in countless colours and various forms, it means it can be brought into just about any design or style for a raw and striking touch – and any room, for that matter.

Stone reminds us of beautiful nature scenes, like rough rocks jabbing out of crashing ocean waves, and small streams snaking through a mountain. So keep those visuals in mind when looking at these 14 fabulous examples of how natural stone can style up a bathroom design.

1. A marvellous mix

Mixing natural stone with wooden panels? Très chic! This bathroom opted for this popular combination and was rewarded with a harmonious and tranquil look.

2. Dark stone for a bold touch

We just love how the dark tones of these stones contrast with the light cabinetry and appliances. And seeing as they’re placed vertically, they help to make the bathroom look taller and higher.

3. A Mediterranean flair

Those familiar with Mediterranean country homes will instantly recognise this look: using raw stone to adorn the ceiling, which links up fantastically with the rest of the room via the neutral tones.

4. A mysterious look

This bathroom dares to be completely different, all thanks to the dark natural stone causing the focal wall to flaunt a coarse and rough look – very different from the more smooth and discreet tiled wall in the background, even though they share the same hues.

Notice the washbasin with its coated wood, creating a beautiful contrast with the wall surfaces.

5. Sink stones

Why? Why not? They add an exceptional touch to a bathroom, plus they are incredibly practical. Because of its smooth interior surfaces, these stone sinks require the minimum amount of cleaning chemicals (if any), as they are no match for dirt or smudges.

6. Raw elegance

It’s impossible to overlook the style that oozes from this bathroom, most notably due to that tub that rises out of the stone-clad floor to present a chic little soaking spot. 

But we also need to mention the striking shower made from caramel-coloured timber panels, presenting a unique contrast in terms of both tone and texture.

7. A link with the outdoors

The designers of this space ensured a firm link with the exterior surfaces by having the same stone wall that’s placed outside flow indoors, beautifully adorning the bathroom wall. 

Add in a stone washbasin and rustic door, and you are left with a bathroom that flaunts the rustic look with superb excellence.

8. River stones for the tub

Nobody is forcing you to clad an entire wall with stones in your bathroom. You can still opt for a very modern space while bringing in only a slight touch of stones, like this bathtub decorated with small river stones on its outside surface. 

Other ideas include a basket or vase with some stones, placing a few loose ones on a windowsill, or adorning single surface with stones, such as a mirror frame. 

What other ideas can you dream up?

9. Lit-up texture

Another great thing about opting for a stone wall is how the lighting will play with it; a delightful dance between warm glows and shadows rippling across that raw surface. 

See how superbly the floor lighting hits this warm stone wall on the right, creating a most dramatic piece for this bathroom. No additional wall art required!  

Be sure to see our vast range of lighting professionals here on homify.

10. Softening up the stones

Should you feel that your choice of stone in the bathroom (whether it’s stone sinks or an entire stone wall) is too hard, then soften it up with some lush plants. This bathroom above relies on some strategically placed foliage to soften up the look, plus add some new colour and scent to the space. 

Genius idea? We agree!

11. A more chic version

Due to their varied nature, natural stone can add just about any look you’re after: from rough and raw to textured smoothness. Notice the white wall behind the bath in our example above: stone taking on a more brick-wall approach. And for the shower floor the designers opted for a much smoother option in the form of stone tiles. 

Who says we’re not spoiled for choice when it comes to stones?

12. A harmonious look

The neutral rustic stone wall in this bathroom is most definitely the focal piece, thanks to its striking texture and cream-coloured look. 

And expertly placed lighting fixtures yet again add some more beauty by highlighting those irregular surfaces.

13. Surrounded by stones

Notice this very clever idea: a small selection of stones surrounding the sleek bathtub, highlighted via lighting to make the bathing spot the centre of attraction. 

Add some timber panels to the flooring and a few lush potted plants, and it’s like cleansing yourself in a secluded natural paradise outside!

14. A cool and clever option

Not only are natural stones beautiful to look at, they're also a fabulous option when it comes to rooms that experience high moisture content – like the bathroom. Due to its porous surface, natural stone can absorb and release moisture, helping to create a constant climate in your room of choice. 

Not just a pretty face to look at, then! 

From stones to tiles, we thought you’d want to take a look at some: Beautiful Bathroom Mosaic Tiles.

So, how would YOU use natural stone in your bathroom?

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