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Living in a small apartment in a city environment may not be everyone's cup of tea. Some of us crave wide open spaces, away from the hustle and bustle and inner-city pressures. There are those, however, who love a fast paced lifestyle, and the endless opportunities that come with living in a large city. Whether you live there by choice, or for reasons such as work, one thing is certain; the size of your home is going to be considerably smaller than those living in the countryside. With this in mind, it is important to be more aware of the limited space you have, and to maximise every inch available. Elements such as smart storage and keeping a clutter-free space may not be issues that will cross your mind if living in a large house, for example. In small apartments, these are key elements to the design of the interior. To get the most out of your smaller, inner-city dwelling, take a look at our top tips for maximising a small apartment.

Keep it light, bright and white

A well known way to increase the feeling of space is with a predominantly white interior. This enhances natural light and opens up a space when square metres are at a premium. This London apartment, which was once a bakery, has made best use of the windows and the light they summon, by choosing a design that includes white walls. 

Sliding doors

The smaller the home, the more doors can get in the way, ultimately make a home feel cumbersome and cramped. An often overlooked and easy-to-fix way to solve this problem, is to simply remove the doors from cupboards and adjoining spaces, or if they are still needed, they can easily be replaced by a sliding model. This will make your flat feel more streamlined and less clustered.

Lofts and mezzanine levels

As the quest for real estate close to city centres continues to grow, occupants are forced to make the best of the space they have. For those living in converted buildings, or older apartment blocks, the only way is up. High ceilings offer the opportunity for mezzanine levels and loft spaces, perfect for storage, or even alternate living and sleeping solutions. 

Embrace beautiful flooring

If the carpet in your home is looking a little dull, have you thought about what may be hiding under it? You may find beautiful parquet flooring or floorboards, just begging for a polish to be brought to life. 

Use mirrors

Shoreditch Apartment 1 YAM Studios Modern living room
YAM Studios

Shoreditch Apartment 1

YAM Studios

Mirrors are an age-old interior design trick to increase light and open up a space. This crazy floor-to-ceiling mirror in a design concept for an East London flat dramatically increases the feeling of size and light. With the warm morning sun and bright yellow decorations, this is a great place to enjoy breakfast and contemplate the day ahead.

Indoor planters

Apartment living doesn't always allow for us to make use of our green thumbs, as many occupants of small apartments do not have access to a balcony. However, indoor plants are always a good option. They add a natural element to the indoors, and as seen in this image, add a nice pop of colour to an otherwise neutral space.

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Have you any tips for small apartment interiors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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