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When Darryl Kerrigan from the popular 90s Australian film ‘The Castle’ uttered the memorably poignant phrase “a man’s home is his castle” surely he was remiss in adding a crucial caveat: that the most important place within said castle is undoubtedly the bedroom. Our bedrooms are our relaxation stations, where we refuel, refresh and take a moment from our hectic and busy schedules to reinvigorate our minds and bodies and begin a new day revived and energised. It is for this reason the bedroom must exist as a space with style, plentiful in tranquil ambiance and replete with comfort and luxury. Moreover, when designing a bedroom space, it is often prudent to incorporate luxurious elements to enhance the area, and transform it from simple sleeping quarters into master bedroom suites fit for royalty. Check out the following envy-inducing and outrageously lavish master bedroom suites that will undeniably, and in true Darryl Kerrigan style, have you remarking ‘How’s the serenity?’

Cool and contemporary

The ultimate in sleek chic designer living, this gorgeous example highlights how a spacious room can act as a refuge, a getaway and a relaxing sanctuary. The envy of most individuals, this amount of space is often hard to come by in your own abode, you can however take hints and pointers from this design and create a retreat in your own sleeping space. Simply add statement oversized bed, plush textiles, glossy accessories and elements, contrasted by a large amount of white or neutral decor and decoration.

The 5-star hotel suite

A true 5 star experience, this bedroom suite has it all, an envy-worthy bath tub combined with huge vanity, gorgeous expansive dressing station and oversized sleeping space. To add to this stylish experience the walls (which would normally hinder the spaciousness and create a sense of shelter) are made of glass, which opens the suite and allows a sense of movement throughout the area.

Modern and breezy

This master bedroom suite is reminiscent of something from a luxury island getaway, modern and yet the outside is brought ‘in’ through the wall length windows that allow a sense of freedom and whimsicality. Think dusty blue walls, white ceiling combines with white floor, soft flowing textiles and contemporary furniture for a space that is liveable and acts as your own personal sanctuary to rest and relax the spirit and body.

The luxury loft

Who says a master suite has to be expansive and enormous? This bedroom encompasses everything you would want in your own private retreat without needing vast amounts of space. This loft bedroom incorporates a sleeping space, bathroom and dressing room whilst maintaining a degree of openness and freshness. If you are working with a small area, consider the location of where items are placed as this can drastically affect the way the room feels and its overall cheeriness.

Show off the bedroom

If your bedroom is as stylish as this one, why not show it off? This wonderful apartment has utilised a smaller space but ensured the space does not feel as such by separating the rooms with a glass wall. This allows the area a sense of space and movement, whilst ensuring it is not a studio apartment and provides privacy for the bedroom through the possibility of curtains.

Making a statement

If you want to make a statement, then consider a design such as this one. This master bedroom suite is replete with all the finishing touches to ensure it is a luxurious and mysterious space. From the dark exposed brick walls, to the contrasting soft timber stretching vertically around the room, these sleeping quarters offer a well coordinated and aesthetically pleasing space with attitude.

Stylish small space

If you are working with a small space, you needn’t be without an impressive master suite—this room uses a small area with several touches that ensure it is functional, practical but above all, stylish. The dressing table is adorned with dressing room illuminated mirror, and the walk-in wardrobe is not fitted with a door but a heavy drape instead, which brings an extra element of luxury and softness to the space. Neutral tones keep the spaciousness and simplicity of the room, whilst the soft timber tones bring comfort and cosiness against the contemporary furniture.

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