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The Don't evers for a smart home

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Home organisation is such a tricky endeavour to get right and, even if you think you're doing all the right things, you could still be making your life more complicated than it needs to be.

We don't want that to be the case so we've taken a look at how the professionals, such as interior designers and cleaners, tackle the mammoth task of keeping a home organised and tidy.

From small bedrooms buried in excess clothing to home offices overrun with storage boxes, we think we've identified the main organisation mistakes that people make. 

Take a look at them and find out how you can avoid making them yourself!

1. Hiding clutter in a closet

The clutter is still there so you've not actually dealt with the problem, you've simply hidden it away. Sort through everything and throw away what you don't need.

2. Piling clutter into neater piles

Venus Boardroom/Dining Table SOAP designs Modern dining room
SOAP designs

Venus Boardroom/Dining Table

SOAP designs

We know that this might look like tidying, but it's not! Put everything where it belongs and reveal a clear surface, not one that has neatly arranged bits and pieces on top of it.

3. Following suit with a partner's organisation methods

It makes sense that you would adopt a partner's habits, but just because they fold things a certain way it doesn't mean it will work for you.

Find your own organisation style that works!

4. Using too many boxes

Carlo Berlin Architektur & Interior Design Pamela Kilcoyne - Homify Classic style study/office
Pamela Kilcoyne—Homify

Carlo Berlin Architektur & Interior Design

Pamela Kilcoyne - Homify

Boxes seem so organised, don't they? The problem is they take up a lot of room and can get pretty obtrusive. Only box what you absolutely have to!

5. Following trends

We all want to be fashionable but if you keep buying clothes and accessories you'll never wear or don't suit you, your wardrobe will fast become overrun.

Have a big clear out, identify your actual style and go from there.

6. Having a known 'junk room'




Whether you've repurposed a spare room as your junk room or have a cupboard under the stairs where miscellaneous items go, you're not doing yourself any favours as that space will need organising at some point too.

A better approach is to organise as you go and keep things where they actually belong, even if that's the bin.

7. Impulse shopping for handy items

That linen basket might look like the answer to your utility room prayers but don't buy it unless you know it will actually fit! 

Grabbing things impulsively because they look snazzy and that they might help you organise is a huge mistake. When they aren't quite right, you've simply added to your clutter.

8. Not purging when you move

Moving house is a chore, we all know that, but it's also a great opportunity for decluttering. As you pack, have a big box for items you can happily live without and don't take them with you!

9. Seeing organising as a single event

Terms like 'spring cleaning' have a lot to answer for as they make you think that a huge one-off purge of your home is enough.

Have you considered how much easier it would be to do a little, often? Rather than a weekend organisation-fest, just do something everyday and you'll notice the difference!

10. Being put off by the enormity of the task

Yes, organising a home takes work,but once it's done, just think how much more time you'll have to enjoy something other than tidying and cleaning.

11. Waiting for a big chunk of free time

Chalcot Crescent Living in Space Study/office
Living in Space

Chalcot Crescent

Living in Space

Why wait and dedicate a whole weekend to organising when you could do an hour here, 10 minutes there, and make a good dent in it?

You don't have to do it all in one hit.

12. Not involving the family

Products Toyno Minimalist study/office



We know not everyone has a natural propensity for organisation, but asking your family to help will lessen the burden on you.

Even just picking up some books would be handy!

13. Buying organisational tools before you start

How do you know what you need if you haven't started yet? Step away from the flat-pack shelves and the storage boxes as you can grab them later.

14. Not choosing the right helper

Bathroom homify Industrial style bathroom



If you family is a no-go for helping, why not ask a friend? Try to choose someone that won't distract you and is organised in their home.

15. Putting items into storage when you have a garage

Remote control enabled access Portcullis Electric Gates Modern garage/shed
Portcullis Electric Gates

Remote control enabled access

Portcullis Electric Gates

Storage is expensive so, rather than wasting money, simply add some racking and shelving to your garage and you have a ready-made facility just for you.

16. Getting nostalgic

Inspiration Korbo Modern nursery/kids room



So many of us are guilty of hanging onto things just in case we need them in the future, or because we have a sentimental attachment to them.

Try to rein this in and select a couple of poignant items to keep, then throw the rest out or donate it to charity. Trust us, there will be people out there that need your items as much as you need extra space!

Feeling energised to really take your home organisation to task? Then take a look at this Ideabook: Your Handy Guide To Garage Harmony.

Be honest, what's your biggest organisational issue?

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