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5 small yet fashionable kitchens

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The saying goes that 'good things come in small packages'. Well, today we're going to prove it! We've found 5 small yet gorgeous kitchens that will show you that no matter how many square metres your kitchen plans contain, you can accomplish something stunning, personal and stylish.

Kitchen planners have been making the task of maximising small kitchen potential look easy for years and once you've read this article, it's your turn to do the same!

1. Integrated with a dining room

Don't you just love how sociable, relaxed and weirdly energetic this kitchen is, all at the same time? 

The kitchen itself is confined to a mere corner of this space, but the way it's been designed to get maximum worktop while not intruding on the wider room is incredible.

Having a dining table join the worktop is inspired, making for a cohesive room and food experience.

2. Space with a sense of unity

Having fully taken the proportions of this room into account, a perfectly sized kitchen has been installed, with a focus on the connection between food preparation and eating. 

It would have been easy to get carried away, installing extra units and a huge island, but need was prioritised over bragging rights. The result is this wonderfully pared back room!

3. Hub of the home

Not a huge room, but we love how the kitchen has been fully centralised within it. What a bold and interesting installation style! 

By negating the almost mandatory island in favour of a single bar, there's room enough for a small dining table. However, the really clever thing here is how the kitchen blends with the floor. 

By having a seamless transition between both sections, the whole space feels larger and uninterrupted.

4. Stunning colour

Our Industrial Showroom homify Industrial style kitchen

Our Industrial Showroom


Who said that a small kitchen can't be a colourful one? Whoever it was, they were very wrong, as this divine grey-blue example clearly shows. 

We actually think it works terrifically well in creating a contrast with the white walls, which in turn adds depth to the space. Throw in a chunky wooden worktop and you have a beautiful, well thought out room that you simply don't notice is small.

5. Minimalist chic

It's not unusual for people to adopt a little minimalism in order to get more out of their small kitchens, but we love how unique and personal this interpretation is.

Yes, there is a lot of white in here, but that floor really adds a dimension of style and personality, which minimalism-phobes might not think was commonplace. You don't have to make your room devoid of beautiful features, you just need to make the bulk of your installation considered and space-savvy!

If you're after even more small kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 5 Extreme Small Kitchen Makeovers.

Which ideas would you like to use in your kitchen?

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