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Hair salons, at least the good ones, are mostly run by those with a great sense of style and an up-to-the-minute awareness of emerging trends. It rather goes without saying that you’d want to be fairly confident that someone has a good sense of aesthetics before you hand them a pair of scissors and a huge degree of control over your appearance. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that of all businesses hair salons tend to be amongst those with the most interesting and original interior designs. If you own a business of a similar type, it’s obviously worth taking a look at some of the examples of good design that have come from others in the field, but even if you’re just looking for ideas for home decor salons can offer more inspiration than you might expect.

​Pastel perfection

Exposed brick walls are a mainstay of contemporary salon design, and with good reason: they look fantastic. In this case, the decision to paint the wall white was an excellent one. Combined with white ceilings, floors and predominately white furniture, the room’s heavenly brightness is so extreme as to make for an almost surreal atmosphere. The edges are softened, however, by the inclusion of some more gentle shades: two of them, to be precise. By limiting the colours used in the space to light turquoise and hot pink, which complement each other and the white walls perfectly, the designer has introduced a touch of something playful and almost childish, or at least girlish; there is a hint of Barbie here. And yet the restrained use of the colours, and the prevalence of more grown-up white, keeps things in the realm of the adult. This is a colour scheme that would work just as well in a bedroom, although probably in a less severe form.

​Maximum exposure

Once again white features heavily here, as does that classic white brick wall. There is a bit more of an industrial atmosphere to this salon, though, with the crumbling walls decidedly less carefully maintained, a steel central pillar conjuring images of factories and building sites, and exposed light bulbs casting a cold light across the room. The lighting is quite possibly the loveliest feature of this space, and the easiest one to integrate into a domestic setting. Lights such as these would look great in a contemporary kitchen.

​A family affair

With all the warmth and character of a particularly well-furnished family home, this salon offers a bit of a departure from the hyper-cool minimalism of the previous two examples. Vintage rugs, mismatched furniture and liberal use of plants will always make a place seem more welcoming. But this room is a very modern one, in spite of its eclectic little waiting area. Notice the beautiful lighting design, which offers another take on the popular exposed light bulb trend already seen in the last image.

The exterior of the building is just as unassuming as the interior. Tucked away behind a wall of pot plants, and with no sign to mark it out, it would be easy to overlook the existence of this salon entirely.

​Visual stimulation

Getting your hair cut can be a little dull, so it’s a good thing there’s so much to look at in this sweetly odd salon. Where the other designers featured here have gone out of their way to embrace airiness and lightness in their salons, the brain behind this space knows that a low-key colour palette can be just as effective – as can a little bit of clutter. If you own a lot of art pieces you're keen to show off, displaying them like this can be a lot more impactful than scattering them throughout the home.

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