Tips on presentation for a fast home sale

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Holland Park: Notting Hill Roselind Wilson Design Modern dining room
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So, you’re planning to sell your house and want to put it on show? But hold on before you open those front doors: is your house as clean, as stylish, and as ready for showing as can be? 

Think of this entire process as your house going through an interview, which is technically what an open house is. The same way you prepare and beautify yourself for a potential new position is what you need to do for your home. It needs to show its best side, its potential, and turn any negative aspects into positive attributes. 

Want your living space to become so much more appealing to the public so it can sell as quickly as possible? Here’s what you do…

1. Focus on the entrance

An ordinary family home... homify Rustic style houses

An ordinary family home…


First impressions are everything. And if potential buyers can’t stomach that entrance area, how are they going to feel about the rest of your home? 

Upgrade that front door so that it’s clean, secure, aesthetically pleasing, and has matching hardware with the house numbers.

2. Put away those photos

Buyers want to envision themselves living in your house, which can be a bit hard to do with smiling faces of your family and friends displayed everywhere. 

Remove anything overly personal in the home by tucking it away somewhere. This will make your spaces appeal to the largest demographic possible.

3. Update outdated light fixtures

Zhooshing up those lights doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

If your main lighting comes from a single bulb, replace it with a chandelier, using the same wiring so you don’t have to bring in an electrician

Those eight or so bulbs as opposed to one will definitely make a huge impact.

4. Opt for a more neutral colour palette

Modern Living room with an Asian Touch Rosangela Photography Modern living room
Rosangela Photography

Modern Living room with an Asian Touch

Rosangela Photography

You’re looking to appeal to the majority of people, which means it’s safer to stay away from royal blues and hot pinks. But beige isn’t your only neutral option – go for those fabulous shades of greys to make people feel calm and comfortable in your space, not excited or wild. 

Should you do want to bring in a pop of colour, us it in items like a scatter cushion, wall art, or a rug.

5. Keep your style cohesive

SUNSET STRIP RESIDENCE McClean Design Modern living room
McClean Design


McClean Design

Nobody says that your entire house has to be 100% committed to one style (in fact, most people identify their personal styles as eclectic), but try to avoid staunch differences between the designs of each room. 

Opt for a more cohesive look that can easily flow throughout your entire house.

6. Cater to your location

Be in tune with where your home is and what the design taste for that area is. 

For example, if you’re selling a mountain cabin, don’t decorate it in the industrial style – people identify more with the country look when it comes to a mountain home.

7. Clean out those closets

Westbury Painted Cream Triple Wardrobe The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom
The Cotswold Company

Westbury Painted Cream Triple Wardrobe

The Cotswold Company

Potential buyers will definitely open up a closet or two to see their sizes. And a space that’s visually cluttered will not do you any favours.

Store excess items (especially children’s toys) in your attic or basement, but just ensure you’re not creating an entire new problem in a different spot. Otherwise, opt for boxing up those elements and leave them in a storage unit.

8. Have a good flow

Good traffic flow through your house is crucial, which means focusing on areas like appliances and cabinet doors not blocking each other, clear doorways, and comfy walking areas around furniture pieces.

9. Minimise your furniture

Living / Study area In:Style Direct Minimalist living room
In:Style Direct

Living / Study area

In:Style Direct

It’s normal to accumulate clutter over time, but this needs to be fixed before allowing potential buyers into your home. 

Cluttered furniture can detract from your house’s size and space, which means you need to remove a few pieces here and there (like that corner chair in the living room) to open up the room and make it look larger.

10. Consider renting pieces

Ombre Pixers Scandinavian style living room Turquoise



If you’re scared that those bright or outdated sofas (for example) might detract from the beauty of your home, try renting some pieces when showing your house. 

This will help people take in the entire room as a whole space, instead of those sickening oranges of your furniture/décor.

11. Focus on lighting

Flairlight Project 1 Oxshott, Tudor House Flairlight Designs Ltd Modern kitchen
Flairlight Designs Ltd

Flairlight Project 1 Oxshott, Tudor House

Flairlight Designs Ltd

It might sound simple, but trust us when we say that lighting makes a huge impact. And it can help flaunt a space’s potential.

For your kitchen lighting, for example, ensure that you have general ceiling lighting, as well as task lighting under the cabinets, plus wall sconces for mood lighting near the eating areas.

12. Finalise all projects

Victorian Townhouse Etons of Bath Modern bathroom
Etons of Bath

Victorian Townhouse

Etons of Bath

Buyers don’t want to count all the projects they need to complete when moving into your home.

If there’s a cabinet door that’s not closing properly or a wall that needs painting, make sure they’re completed before opening your house to the public. 

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