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8 rustic kitchens you need to see

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Liliana Zenaro Interiores Rustic style kitchen
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Whatever your preferred aesthetic, you can't deny that a rustic kitchen always looks great, invoking wonderful nostalgic memories and smells.

Because of that, we thought it would be fun to show you 8 amazing rustics cooking spots, just in case you're thinking about changing up your kitchen plans and you don't know what style to go for. Don't think of rustic as old-fashioned, as kitchen planners are constantly being asked to create rugged, country-style interiors.

Take a look at these ones and see if rustic might be right for you!

1. Hanging pots

If you conjure an image of a rustic kitchen, we bet you picture hanging saucepans. We do too and this example shows you exactly why. 

They look great, they're practical and they give such a farmhouse vibe.

2. Exposed bricks

You can't beat some exposed brick walls for adding a rustic feel to a kitchen. Just look at how warm and traditional this one looks. 

Somehow, it's making us hungry just looking at it!

3. All the wood

As well as brick walls, wood is a staple in any rustic kitchen and the more you can use, the better! We love this one, with wooden cabinet doors and even a raw, chunky bar top.

4. Interactive space

Rustic kitchens always have a lived-in and not-too-precious feel about them, so the idea of a blackboard wall fits right in. We love this space, complete with a wooden dining table and laid-back feel.

5. The right stove

Would any rustic kitchen really be complete without a wood-burning stove? We don't think so, especially when they look this good. 

Cast iron + wood = rustic kitchen heaven.

6. Wicker detailing

The motifs that make up a rustic kitchen are beautiful and wicker is another terrific material that adds nostalgia and a natural feel in spades.

Wicker storage baskets and chairs are perfect in a rustic kitchen, as you can see here.

7. Exposed shelving

Any rustic kitchen will have a collection of gorgeous crockery and ceramics lurking somewhere, but to get the most out of them, open front shelves are key.

Mount them on an exposed brick wall for extra rustic scene points, like this wonderful space.

8. Location is key

You might not realise it but a truly rustic kitchen will always have a connection to nature, usually with a beautiful view out into the garden. 

We don't think scenery gets more rustic than this!

Fore more great kitchen ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: 40 Great Ideas To Plan A Small Kitchen.

Is rustic your perfect kitchen style?

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