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A tightwad's guide to low-cost home organisation

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Shawfield Street Classic style study/office by Ardesia Design Classic
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There's nothing wrong with being frugal and a little cautious with your hard-earned money, but how can you hang onto the pennies while still enjoying a perfectly organised home? 

Well, we've found a few ways, having looked at some homes that clearly have professional cleaners on call. So regardless of how disorganised or cluttered your home is right now, we can help you get it sorted in a weekend.

Get ready to wave goodbye to hellish hallways and bogged-down bathrooms, as these tips will wipe them from your memory completely, while keeping your purse firmly closed!

2. Don't confuse buying stuff with getting organised

Shawfield Street Classic style study/office by Ardesia Design Classic
Ardesia Design

Shawfield Street

Ardesia Design

3. Organise, measure and then buy storage items if absolutely necessary

Broadgates Road SW18 Modern study/office by BTL Property LTD Modern
BTL Property LTD

Broadgates Road SW18

BTL Property LTD

4. Remember that less is more. You could even sell things you don't need anymore to make money

5. Know where to find freebies locally. There are lots of pre-loved websites to check out!

6. Keep shoe boxes to use as storage or dividers in larger pieces of furniture

7. Turn picture frames into dry-wipe boards. All you need is a pen!

8. Be creative, not flash with the cash, when you need something new

9. Make designer-style storage from cheap DIY supplies

10. Repurpose inexpensive coat hooks as jewellery organisers

11. Use step ladders as storage shelves

12. Employ magnets to keep small items like tweezers in place in your bathroom cabinet

13. Keep empty food jars for small garage items, such as screws and other DIY bits and bobs

Brilliant Bethnal Green Industrial style kitchen by Propia Industrial

Brilliant Bethnal Green


14. Buy less kitchen cabinets and invest in a plate rack, which will be cheaper

Mighty Plate rack: industrial  by The Plate Rack, Industrial
The Plate Rack

Mighty Plate rack

The Plate Rack

15. Add a tension rod inside a cabinet to hang cleaning products from

industrial  by Dauby, Industrial

Pure PQ furniture knob in Raw Metal


16. Use a toast rack as a mail sorter

17. Use stickers (or a splodge of nail varnish) on clothes hangers to indicate outfits for days of the week

18. Turn your walls into large noticeboards that can be drawn on

19. Use an existing sideboard in the bathroom instead of buying a new bathroom-specific cupboard

20. Make your own cleaning products from kitchen ingredients

21. Embrace minimalism so you never have to buy anything again!

For more home organisation hints and tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 Ingenious Ideas That Make Home Organisation Easier.

Which money-saving tip(s) most appealed to you?
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