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19 easy ways to save energy (and money) this winter

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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The summer was a lovely respite from the hell of high heating bills and wasted energy, but don't think that you can't save a lot of money during the cooler months too. 

Heating engineers have plenty of advice for saving money in your home this winter, so we've taken some of this on-board and, because we're so good to you, we're willing to share our new found pearls of wisdom.

If you yearn for a super cosy living room but don't want to remortgage just to pay your gas bill, read on as we're getting thrifty and warm at the same time!

1. Close all your internal doors to keep the heat in

2. Cook smart by making a week's worth of meals in one go

3. Get sensible with your clothing purchases and turn down the thermostat (while you pop a jumper on!)

4. Keep your heating on a constant low rather than up and down

5. Swap out the summer bedding for a high TOG value duvet

6. Add fabric and not electric blankets to your bed

7. Get blankets for all your sofas and chairs too

8. Turn down the shower pressure a notch. Nobody will notice!

9. Leave the oven door open when you're done cooking. It'll heat the room while cooling

10. If you have a range cooker, add covers to your hotplates to insulate the heat

11. Fill the fridge as a full one wastes far less energy than an empty one!

12. Be cooker ring efficient. Small pans only need the small ring

13. Don't block heat sources, such as radiators, with a sofa

14. Do your laundry at 30° instead of 40°. This actually makes a huge difference!

15. Air dry clothes instead of putting them in the tumble dryer

16. Switch off and unplug things you don't use much, like irons and washing machines

17. Rinse crockery off straight after use instead of waiting to do a full wash

18. Block the chimney if not in use with a chimney balloon

19. Draw heavy curtains to keep draughts out!

For more winter-ready tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Get Your Home Winter-Ready Right Now (And Feel Smug).

Know any more good money-saving tips for winter?
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