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8 home interior ideas to copy—cheap and beautiful!

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When it comes to small-scale living, there is an abundance of tips and secrets to make the most of your space: conjuring up secret storage compartments, getting rid of clutter, and being clever with your choice of colours and décor to add more visual space. And even though these are all important and helpful, we so often wonder what those small homes’ interior settings look like.

Well, today we stop wondering and start viewing, as we bring you a range of super stylish homes that are a bit on the small side size-wise, but pack a big punch style-wise. From modern and rustic to country and eclectic, get ready to be surprised as some of these structures present interior styles and layouts that you never would have guessed…

1. Of Asian persuasion

We kick off our list with a humble little home that flaunts its eastern style just superbly. Neutral tones, a strong contrast between colours, and a very straightforward design – we love it!

Notice the huge amount of windows and glass doors, allowing a superb amount of light and landscape views indoors. Shall we see what the insides look like?

1. The clean and tranquil bathroom

The sharp and simple lines of the façade continue on the inside, as can be seen in the stunning bathroom. And thanks to that generous window providing optimum views of the pebble garden, no wall art or décor items are required in here.

2. The mobile timber house

Don’t like your view? Then move to another one, as this little wooden house with its wheels can do. The timber panels and slightly pitched roof of this structure delightfully mimics a modest mountain cabin.

What could those interior spaces hold?

2. The all-in-one kitchen

As if being able to move your house wasn’t fantastic enough, we learn that this mobile home’s interior spaces offer all the necessary requirements, including this charming little kitchen.

Who says you can’t have it all?

3. The energy-efficient house

The timber panels used for this little structure were actually added for thermal insulation, helping its owners save on energy. 

We just think it looks super charming.

3. Open-plan living

A whole new world is discovered on the inside. 

We seem it have it all here: kitchen and living room, a mezzanine space for sleeping, a charming little wingback chair in canary yellow, and adequate space (and privacy) for the bathroom.

Ingenious work, architects!

4. A unique, contemporary structure

We just love the bright tone of this house’s façade, yet its strange shape also deserves a special mention. Not to worry about doom and gloom though, as a wide glass sliding door ensures lots of natural light seeping indoors.

4. The wooden interiors

When was the last time you saw floors, walls, and ceilings completely covered in wood? 

The timber-clad surfaces add a charming feel to the interior that remind us of a forest cabin. And thanks to the delicious texture and pattern of the wood, lots of detail and character is ensured, meaning the interior designers can give it a rest in terms of décor and wall art.

5. Charming contrast

As in our first example, this little suburban gem also shows us how powerful the monochrome look can be. 

But our favourite piece here has to be those little garden patches, neatly framing the front walkway while adding a touch of greenery to the façade.

5. Elegant interiors

The neutral look continues most stylishly on the inside, where a delectable palette of soft earthy hues conjures up a dream-like space.

Who said it’s difficult to achieve the elegant look?

6. Clad in baby blues

Doesn’t this panelled home remind you of a dollhouse? 

The quaint little terrace, the open gable roofing, and the crisp-white shutters against the baby-blue wood all add so much charm that we completely overlook the fact that this house is rather small.

7. The wooden house in the forest

Yes, it might be a little bit bigger in size than the other residences on our list, but this two-storey house presents a picture-perfect view that we just couldn’t overlook: lush forests as far as the eye can see. 

The fact that it throws in an open terrace, a covered balcony, and sublime timber panelling also gets a thumbs-up from us!

7. Exceptional interiors

Now this is what a mountain cabin’s interior should look like: timber surfaces and a stone fireplace. The classic-styled furniture pieces are a unique touch, adding some soft pinks into the neutral colour scheme.

8. The charming apartment

Although it may be small, it is the way this little home is presented that is just so wonderful.

Lush plants and spring blossoms hugging the structure from all sides (even the balcony above), drawing our attention to the warm and cosy-looking interiors with its timber-panelled flooring.

8. The eclectic interiors

We love the mixing and matching going on inside, with styles ranging from modern and classical to country all making surprise appearances.

Our favourite piece here? That raw and exposed brick wall, adding some fantastic texture into the elegant scene. 

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Which home had the nicest interior spaces?

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