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​9 ways to rescue your sofa without spending a penny

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Whether it’s a sofa that’s been passed down to you from a relative, or a couch that you picked up years ago, all furniture pieces reach a stage where they don’t look that stylish anymore. It’s the cruel hands of time, wearing and tearing our favourite furniture pieces down, forcing us to come up with clever ways of adding some quality to it so that we can just hold on to them for a bit longer.

Yes, you can always treat your living room to a new furniture or sofa set, but that involves something that we call ‘money’. And sometimes a lot of it.

So, if you’re looking for clever and creative ways to breathe some new life (and style) into that old sofa without going the re-upholstery route, look no further…

1. Lose the slump

French Shabby Chic Living Room Katie Malik Interiors Modern living room
Katie Malik Interiors

French Shabby Chic Living Room

Katie Malik Interiors

Saggy cushions are common, yet they’re not the end of the world – or your favourite couch, for that matter. All that’s needed is some touch ups. 

Unzip the covers and perk up those cushion backs by adding polyester fibre. Then wrap some quilt batting around the original seat cushions to add some fluffy style. Done!

2. Replace the back

If plumping up the back isn’t an option, then how about replacing it with a set of coordinating throw pillows that are big enough to fill the space? 

They will give you just as much support and will also provide a fresh look that you can easily swap out whenever you want.

3. Nailing the expensive look

Black Leather Sofa from LOCUS HABITAT Locus Habitat Living roomSofas & armchairs
Locus Habitat

Black Leather Sofa from LOCUS HABITAT

Locus Habitat

Want to make a cheap sofa look really costly? 

Hammer some nails along the edges of your couch seams to create a neat trim. To speed this up, buy a long strip from a craft store instead of attaching individual nails.

4. Show those legs

CG 3D INTERIOR DESIGN alba najera Modern living room
alba najera


alba najera

Give your sofa’s leg some attention by getting rid of that fabric skirt at the bottom, which can make even a classic couch look old. Pull out the staples underneath, then attach the rest of the fabric underneath to keep it streamlined.

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5. Switch out the legs

Even something as simple as replacing the legs can breathe new life into that old sofa that’s still in good condition. Lay the sofa on its back, remove the old legs, and simply screw in the new ones. 

Or how about keeping the old legs and treating them to a new paint job?

6. Wrap it up

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Need a quick cover for the entire sofa without the costly slipcover price? 

Just wrap each cushion with a large piece of fabric and tuck the excess underneath to hold it in place. Or simply drape a large sheet over the entire sofa for a comfy and low-key home furnishing upgrade.

7. Paint it

That’s right, paint your sofa. Mix about 950 ml of regular paint with roughly 30 ml of fabric textile medium to create a fabric paint that works on furniture. 

Spray each fabric section with water before painting. Make sure to use a paintbrush or foam brush and to spread the colour, going with the grain of the fabric.

8. Tuft it up

Rochester Sofa Locus Habitat Living roomSofas & armchairs
Locus Habitat

Rochester Sofa

Locus Habitat

Let your sofa go from basic to brilliantly chic with some tufted cushions. Simply guide a button halfway through a piece of thick string, then fold the string in half. Use an upholstery needle to bring both halves of the string through the back so the button stays in the front, pulling firmly but not too tightly. 

Grab another button, and tie it to the reverse side using the two loose strands of string. Repeat this until you have a two-sided cushion with rows of buttons.

9. Soften it up

Designing a Vintage Living Room with Chesterfield Sofa Locus Habitat
Locus Habitat

Designing a Vintage Living Room with Chesterfield Sofa

Locus Habitat

When all else fails, simply drape a cosy throw over the couch to make it look more inviting. Who could resist crawling underneath that warm fabric for a snuggle?  

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Which tips will you try on your old-but-still-good sofa?

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