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Small But Lovable! 20 Charming Houses

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Mini houses are a trend we can really get on board with.

Small, often interestingly shaped, and innovative in terms of getting everything necessary into a smaller space, these amazing homes must be a lot of fun for architects to design, and it shows! 

Come with us now as we take a look at 20 of the sweetest and most visually stunning mini houses out there and see if you could be tempted to commission something similar yourself…

1. Different proportions

Going for height rather than width, this house is super cool and the addition of a rear module as a dining room is genius!

2. Wow-factor wood

Boxy, small but so much more impactful than many larger homes out there.

3. White and wood

The colour contrast of of white render with warm wood looks great.

4. Urban box

Front facade and entrance The Chase Architecture Modern houses
The Chase Architecture

Front facade and entrance

The Chase Architecture

This statement home, found in the middle of London, is in the modular stacked box style and it's really amazing!

5. Upside down house

A real experiment in audacious architecture, this terrific house looks as though it is upside down.

6. Small scale and classic

This looks like a regular house until you look again and realise it's significantly smaller! Super cute and tonally perfect, the small dimensions haven't impacted on its beauty.

7. Those angles!

Narrow and lean, while being wonderfully angular, this home is everything that mini houses should be!

8. Single-storey dream

Who needs an upstairs when you can have an amazing flat-roof home like this one?

9. Bright and beautiful

One Bedroom Bespoke Wee House The Wee House Company Country style houses
The Wee House Company

One Bedroom Bespoke Wee House

The Wee House Company

Small doesn't have to mean to mean boring! The cobalt blue walls and bright red roof make this the superhero of small homes everywhere.

10. Simple shapes

There's almost something religious about the style of this simple home and we can't deny we'd worship minimalism here!

11. Rustic loveliness

Just to show that mini houses can work in any setting and with any style, check out this gorgeous rustic home.

12. Built up, not out

In any other build, this would be called a 'two-up, two-down' home. However, with the extra section on top, suddenly you have a tall but skinny modern house!

13. Perfect for the plot

Have you ever seen a house that fits the plot it was built on so well? That industrial front is gorgeous.

14. Small but mighty

You can't say that little houses don't have enormous amounts of style, can you? These windows really make the façade pop.

15. Everything you need

It might not be huge but this house has everything you need, including an amazing vista and covered terrace.

16. With added zing

This is really a large, contemporary home shrunken down to fit a space then zinged up with a vibrant exterior colour.

17. Clever styling

The way the white portion of this façade blends into the sky makes the house look tiny as all you focus on is the wood.

18. Anything but boring

Mini houses could sound as though they'll be too small to use and boring on the outside, but architects are constantly striving to create interesting shapes, like this one!

19. Little log cabin

Is there any architectural style that doesn't look good as a mini house?

20. Blank canvas

The smooth front of this house makes it look so minimal and small. After all of these amazing designs, we think we're 100% sold on mini houses!

If you want to see more small home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The Big Advantages Of A Small House.

Would a mini house be a viable option for you?

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