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Renovating a Ramshackle Old Barn (and now it's your dream home!)

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With its exposed timber beams, soaring ceilings and reclaimed materials, this renovated country home has a particular rustic charm that only an older buildings possess. Having been lovingly restored by architects Anna & Anatoly Kuczyńscy, the once crumbling property has been turned into an exquisite home.

As you will soon see in the pictures below, the former barn was looking a little worse for wear having been abandoned for a long time. While most had given up on the old building, the current owners saw a rare opportunity to create themselves a home of their own. 

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Before: In need of some attention

This picture gives a good indication as to what the owners were faced with when they bought the property last year. With its broken tiles, rotting timber and smashed windows, the timber building was slowly becoming overwhelmed by time, nature and vandals. 

The report from the building inspectors wasn't at all cheery. There were critical structural issues beginning to appear, which needed immediate attention. 

Though things don't look great in the picture, we too can see the same potential the owners envisioned…

After: All refreshed

The small barn that previously served as a cowshed stands today as a handsome home anyone would be proud to call as their own. 

Despite the builders report being rather dire, the architects and their builders were able to repair a great extent of the original structure. 

A brick extension, which can be seen in the image, replaced an existing but insignificant section of the barn and serves as a garage and tool shed. 

Before: Old timber

Thankfully, the timber panels that gave the barn its unique look were able to be restored back to their best condition. Because most of the barn was covered by timber panels, sections were removed to make way for necessary doors and windows. 

Timber removed from the exterior was later used to restore other sections or used to build furniture. 

After: A lively outdoor setting

Replacing the timber panels was a majestic wall of glass, which opens up the interiors to the nature outside. 

It was decided that a raised timber deck would make the perfect addition to this side of the home, allowing those inside a greater connection to their property. 

After: Sitting by the lake

You can see from this picture why the architects crafted this outdoor setting. With the cool water of the lake close by, this is such a wonderful place for the owners to spend time alone or with good company. 

A retractable fabric shade gives the perfect amount of weather protection for those enjoying their food and drinks below. Although the material is hard-wearing, the shade is light and soft and doesn't detract from the architecture of the barn. 

After: Let in the light

That old decaying barn we saw before is now a cosy, serene cottage bathed in natural light. By standing up high on the loft level, we fully understand the logic behind the architect's move to remove the timber from the opposite end. 

Light teams in from all angles to brighten up the living spaces in the most amazing way possible. Like the surrounding walls and ceilings, the internal structural beams have been coated in white to further enhance the impact of the incoming light. 

After: Some industrial flavour

Cooking inside this converted barn isn't so bad. With its stainless steel worktops and cabinets hiding top-of-the-line appliances, we would be more than happy to slave away in this kitchen day after day. 

Having a view of a lake and forest isn't so bad either!

After: Feeling a little bit Scandinavian

The dining area tells a different story compared to the kitchen. Instead of continuing the industrial style, the architects chose a much more suitable Scandinavian influence for this formal eating area. 

Having been influenced by the arts and crafts movement, the furniture and accessories here possess a familiar homely quality to the design. Look no further than the inspired choice of timber dining chairs, which are partnered with cushions for a comfortable dining experience.  

All in all, it’s the whole simplicity of the design that makes it succeed so very well. 

After: Dreaming of a bright future

Our tour ends inside the master bedroom, which is found in a quiet portion of the barn. Looking around this cosy space, we see wood is the preferred material of the scheme and certain pieces catch the eye. 

As we saw in the dining room, the timber pieces are painted in light colours in order to render more light.

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Have you ever dreamed of owning a barn home like this? 

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