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Genius tricks that will actually make your garden look bigger and better

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Most of us know the discomfort that comes from living in a small space. However, if that garden has space to spare, a little extension to the home is all it takes to conjure up some new space. But what if your garden is the space deemed too small? Apart from breaking through the garden fencing and into your neighbour’s yard (which we don’t advise), there's not much you can do in this regard… or is there? 

Of course there are quite a few ideas to help you out, especially here on homify, where we are all about style, beauty and comfort, and we don’t mind sharing our hot tips with you.

So, on to today’s piece: how to make your small garden look bigger and more welcoming.

1. Plant shrubs at the ends

Framing your garden or lawn with shrubs around the edges helps in obscuring your yard’s boundaries and making the size look less tangible.

2. Plant flowers near the entryways

Not only will this up the aesthetic value, but also make your garden seem more inviting, allowing people to focus less on the area’s small size. 

So, treat yourself to some lovely flowerbeds, shrubs, colourful potters, and patterned plant containers.

3. Blur the lines between your house and landscape

Topiary Spheres and a funky hedge Niwaki Eclectic style garden

Topiary Spheres and a funky hedge


Marry the boundary between your house and yard, creating a seamless visual transition so that people can’t pinpoint for sure where one stops and the other begins. 

This creates a visual balance between house and plants, making the two appear to fit together naturally.

4. Soften the borders

Walls and fences tend to look quite hard. Soften this up a bit by planting climbing plants that will give the impression that your garden is transcending boundaries.

5. Create levels

Bartholomew Landscaping design and installation of a London garden Bartholomew Landscaping Modern garden
Bartholomew Landscaping

Bartholomew Landscaping design and installation of a London garden

Bartholomew Landscaping

Whether you’re an avid gardener or choose to call in a professional instead, we suggest that you create levels or tiers in your garden to give yourself more room for planting. 

This will help make the most of a small space, plus make your garden seem more exceptional and interesting.

6. Plan your plants

Put a little thought into your plants and flowers first before planting. This will ensure that your garden is not overpowered by flowerbeds, which will only serve to decrease that small garden’s size even further.

7. Opt for curved pathways

A straight pathway of stepping stones from end to another will look shorter as opposed to a curved one. Place some plants on each side of the pathway to achieve an asymmetrical balance, which will also maximise space and allow guests to wander through your outdoor area. 

And remember that lighter materials for the pathway (whether you opt for stones, bricks, pebbles or wood) will make it look bigger.

8. Create a barrel pond

Broadgates Road SW18 BTL Property LTD Modern garden
BTL Property LTD

Broadgates Road SW18

BTL Property LTD

You don’t need hectares of space to enjoy a water feature in your garden: saw a barrel in half and use the lower portion as lining for a small pond. It can look quite dashing when mixed with some flowers and garden accessories, like sculptures and lighting. 

How perfect would a quaint little barrel pond look in this modern garden space above?

9. Raise up your veggie garden

Add some visual space to your garden by using standing trellises to support any growing vegetables, or opting for the vertical garden look. 

Not only will this leave more floor space open, but will also protect your vegetables from animals that may be looking for something to snack on. 

We have some more inspiration for your small spaces! Check out these: 14 Uplifting Mini Garden Patios With Character-A-Plenty!

Which of these ideas will you try out in your small garden?

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