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Before and After: The Incredible Restored Villa

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Taking a beautiful but somewhat dated property, Ottenvaneck Architects took on the challenge of creating a modern, light and spacious villa. What they achieved is nothing short of miraculous and provides endless inspiration for restoration addicts and fellow designers, but what makes it so special?

The project shows how a total remodelling can lead to a seemingly brand new home that is unrecognisable compared to its former incarnation. Whilst the existing building was used as efficiently as possible and provided the team with a good basis, through special construction and development, and in line with some surprising ideas and a new decorating scheme, the old house was soon forgotten.

Take a look at this incredible transformation and see if you are inspired to renovate your home!

Before: Bricks and tiles

The original villa in Moergestel dated from 1968, which is clearly reflected in the colours and building materials that have been used. Light brick walls and a dark tiled roof coordinated very well with the wooden window and door frames and, though a bit dated, this was a beautiful villa where many people could happily live without undertaking any dramatic reworks. However, the residents had something more modern in mind and together with Ottenvaneck, they brought it to life.

Before: From the back

At the back of the house we can see that it was basically the same as in the front. A lot of brick and dark tiles are in situ, with wooden doors opening out into a very simple garden. Though there are a lot of windows, the house looks relatively dark but we know this will have been rectified!

After: Whitewashed

The original façade is still recognisable but only just and only at the right angles! Otherwise, everything seems completely different. The brick walls and tiled roof have disappeared and in their place we see a lot of white and tantalisingly smooth materials. Replacing the original façade is a constructed fascia that features a prominent glass wall, which is just one of the big surprises of this renovation.

After: Beautiful birch

Here we see a close up of that breathtaking glass wall that has been fully printed with a pattern designed to mimic birch trees. It fits perfectly with the white of the villa and also contrasts, bringing some texture to meet the otherwise sleek design. The wall is slightly translucent and lets the light through nicely, while behind the glass is the original façade and a path that leads to the back garden. We just know that the rear of the property will be amazing too, if this frontage is anything to go by!

Out of the box

The new rear consists mainly of glass, making sure that the house is no longer a dark villa but a bright and spacious home both inside and outside. The beautiful sliding doors cover virtually the entire length of the house and a beautiful extension has been created to make the living room far larger and bring it in line with the new covered terrace. Now, whatever the weather, al fresco dining and entertaining can be enjoyed, all while basking in the light of the new house and the shade of the walnut tree, which was kept.

A look inside

Of course the inside of the villa has also been completely overhauled so we see many white, light and modern designs. The kitchen is one such example, utilising a sleek design that allows for slices of the brick wall to be left exposed as a gentle nod to the original building. The placement of the kitchen is key, with it opening out into the garden and gently rolling through to the living room it feels contained and open plan all at once, helping to make the space as a whole feel far larger.

From where I sit

Finally, we give you an impression of the living room. Despite opting for vast swathes of white and sleek finishes, every home still craves warmth and cosiness so the villa has been expertly furnished with modern but homely furniture, such as soft rugs and chairs that you can melt into. The inclusion of a highly stylised fireplace brings the two ethos' of the house together in perfect unison as well, with tradition and modernity meeting and effortlessly combining to produce something beautiful and enjoyable.

For more transformation inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Before & After: A Radical Transformation.

Did this transformation surprise you? Let us know in the comments, below.

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