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This Home Is Gabled And Gorgeous

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Nobuyoshi Hayashi Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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Filled to the brim with angular design, high ceilings and exposed beams, this is one house that seeks to get the maximum benefit from every design nuance. A wonderful combination of wood, polished concrete and high end ceramics, the overall effect of this stunning Japanese detached home is one of cool, calm modesty and eminent usability.

Take a look around and see if you can draw inspiration from this aesthetically amazing home.

An unassuming façade

There is no denying that this is an attractive and perfectly put together property from the team at Nobuyoshi Hayashi, but from this angle you could be forgiven for assuming that it would not be anything outrageously special on the inside. The plain exterior with chunky glazing panels and a solid front door all work well together and give the impression of a cohesive and well proportioned build but there is a demonstrable lack of warmth that makes us reluctant to speculate on what we will find inside. Prepare to be amazed though!

Hallway to heaven

Already we get the sense that something special is on the horizon just by looking at this small hallway. Pastel hues on the walls are combining with the expertly laid dark wood parquet flooring and glass wall divide to create an overarching sense of considered design and high end finishes that we know will be carried throughout the rest of the property.

We can see through to the next room, which appears to have Danish vintage inspired furniture on display so we are already anxious to see the setting it has been placed in!

A breath of fresh air

Well this was most definitely worth the wait! What an absolutely phenomenal kitchen and dining room! We don't know what to focus on first but that open gable roof has to be the real show stopper here! With the exposed warm wood in the ceiling being mirrored by the choice of table and floor, this open plan space is working hard to create a warm, welcoming and ultimately sensational room.

By keeping the walls dark and neutral, the rich tones of the wood are shining through effortlessly and drawing our eyes and, thanks to the enormous amounts of glazing that have been installed, natural light is pouring in to bounce off every surface. Utterly incredible!

Hang in there

Here we can see a better view of the walls, which appear to have been left relatively industrial in style with the natural lilac render resembling polished concrete. The floor has been finished to perfection, as can be seen by the reflection of the power socket, and offers a wonderful contrast to the lighter tones of the table, chairs and sofa that are present.

Once again, the roof beams are on full display but our eye is really drawn to the overhanging pendulum light, finished in a bright gold tone and suspended from a wrought iron arm that is perfectly cantilevered and delivering focused illumination on the dining table. We can only imagine how glamorous it must feel to enjoy a meal in here!

Spectacular stairs

Speaking of perfect cantilevering, just look at these stairs for an interesting addition to the house! Unsupported on one side, there will be a natural amount of flex on each step, but with a striking and angular bannister rail in position, there is no need to worry!

An amazing detail that many architects would negate to consider, this modern stairwell fits the rest of the house perfectly thanks to the almost commercial or industrial vibe and in that ice blue hallway, stairs such as this look incredibly cutting edge and modern. 

Starkly striking

As a small hint as to what the rest of the house looks like, this bathroom picture speaks volumes. High ceilings, bespoke lighting and a vivid wall colour have all combined to create a super pared back but ultimately, welcoming room complete with bright white suite items and polished hardware. The wood theme from the kitchen has been continued thanks to a chunky countertop and every available inch of space has been put to fantastic use.

An amazing hybrid of styles, this home has certainly opened our eyes to the possibilities that home design offers and we won't ever judge a book by its cover again!

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Are you a fan of modern and retro style working together? Tell us in the comments, below.

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