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Fixing the family mealtime problem in your small home

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Don’t have a big home, yet you relish the chance of tightening those family bonds? We understand the importance of family quality time (yes, we are so much more than home furnishing, pretty cushions and matching paint colours here on homify), which is why we’ve gathered some expert tips for when it comes to mealtime. 

Instead of letting each family member wander off in his/her own direction, or dishing out TV trays, let’s see how you can make that tight space work for you instead. With the right furniture and accessories, even the tiniest corner can become a modest little dining spot where the household (even if it’s just the two of you) can group together and share in the day’s stories while sharing a delicious meal.

Let’s see what our options are…

1. Opt for a round table

It might seem like a weird suggestion, but it takes up less space than a square one. Plus, it looks softer on the eye, so it does save you some visual space too.

​2. Use your walls wisely

We know that it’s often frowned upon in interior design, but placing furniture against the wall frees up space for walking – so have a go at it in your tiny kitchen/dining area. 

homify hint: Invest in folding chairs which can be stored away neatly to help free up a little extra legroom.

3. Pair a table with a banquette

This is a classic combo that results in a highly efficient use of space – and can turn a bare corner into a family-friendly dining spot.

4. Flip out the right way

It works for beds, so why not for dining tables? Invest in a sleek table that magically folds out of the wall / cabinet when meal times (and family times) roll around.

5. Choose open shelves

Vipp shelves Vipp Living roomShelves

Vipp shelves


We love sideboards and huge cabinets to display our crockery, but their bulk can dominate a room and eat up valuable floor space. 

Rather opt for some floating shelves instead – they can be customised to fit your needs (fill up a whole wall, if you like) and conjure up a bit more legroom for a dining table.

6. To the window!

Window-desk homify Eclectic style bedroom



Don’t have enough space for a real dining room? 

Add a simple wooden bar to one of the windows (either in the kitchen or living room), and watch that little space become a quaint little dining spot for two.

The couple that eats together…

7. Size matters

No need to try and shove in a huge, bulky thing to bring the family together at mealtimes. A small, elegant table can also do the trick while doubling up as extra counter space.

8. Extend your island

Let your kitchen island do more work for you – lots of models are designed with extensions to create an inviting place for the family to hang out. 

And if you can’t customise your own, search for one with a pull-out table (they are more common than you might think).

9. Choose dual-purpose furniture

Who says you can’t work in the kitchen? Get the best of both worlds with a pretty desk that can work equally terrific as a dining spot and home office. 

Interior designers, electricians and much more – we have them all here on homify. See our professionals page for more info.

10. Get a bench

​Mouse grey structured lacquer kitchen LWK London Kitchens Country style kitchen
LWK London Kitchens

​Mouse grey structured lacquer kitchen

LWK London Kitchens

Unlike chairs, you can fit more than one person on a bench (even a handful of kids, if you’re lucky). And the best part is it that tucks completely out of sight when not in use. 

Next up: Benches For The Dining Room

Which one would look so good in your dining area?

How do you cope with mealtimes in your small home?

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