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10 problems small bathrooms have (and how to fix 'em)

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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Small bathrooms can be a blessing in terms of being less of a nightmare to clean, but you will encounter a whole new set of issues with a tiny space. 

Professional designers are adept at creating stunning bathrooms that will sidestep the most common issues but, just in case you don't know what those are, we've put together a list and given you a remedy for each of them.

Generous? Us? Well, if you insist!

1. Problem: Having very little space for towels

1. Solution: Have a sink vanity unit that can stow away towels out of sight

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2. Problem: Becoming too cluttered with necessary items


Casa de banho 2 | Antes


2. Solution: Use caddies to stack everything you need neatly and within a smaller space

Could you do with a second bathroom?: minimalistic Bathroom by The Market Design & Build
The Market Design & Build

Could you do with a second bathroom?

The Market Design & Build

3. Problem: Suffering from terrible lighting that looks too dark

3. Solution: Add task lighting, as well as a main light, in your bathroom and have daylight imitation bulbs

classic Bathroom by Pientka - Faszination Naturstein
Pientka—Faszination Naturstein

Pientka—Faszination Naturstein

Pientka - Faszination Naturstein

4. Problem: Having all the space swallowed up by bulky suite items

4. Solution: Choose narrow suite items that can tessellate easily within a small space

5. Problem: Not having smooth enough walls to work with

5. Solution: Embrace a rustic feel and make the most of textured surfaces by adding to them!

6. Problem: Becoming boring because of a lack of colour

6. Solution: Choose an accent shade to work with. One that's impactful and won't need to be on every surface

7. Problem: No room for a shower

7. Solution: Opt for a bath and shower in one, with a specially enlarged end for comfortable showering!

8. Problem: Patterns shrinking the space exponentially

8. Solution: Choose texture instead of pattern to make a gorgeous impact without shrinking the room

Loft Bathroom: classic Bathroom by Studio TO
Studio TO

Loft Bathroom

Studio TO

9. Problem: Barely space for a towel rail

9. Solution: Replace a radiator with a heated towel rail to kill two birds with one stone and save space

10. Problem: Poor ventilation that leads to damp spores

10. Solution: Have the largest window possible and add a fan system. Once damp sets in, it's hard to get rid of so prevention is better than cure!

For more small bathroom ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: Bad Design Decisions To Avoid In Your Small Bathroom.

Which of these are a problem in your small bathroom?
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