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We understand if you're a little fed up of always seeing fantastical architect-designed extensions that must have cost a small fortune. There's nothing worse than seeing something you love, but knowing your home simply couldn't accommodate it, or that your budget can't stretch that far.

So, today we're looking at more modest, affordable home extensions. Frequently added to make room for a more functional kitchen or a bigger sitting area, these small but impactful designs won't break the bank, but they will open your homes right up. 

Let's take a look at some extension ideas to inspire you! 

1. Full width, shallow extension

This design, which is a delightful extension of the kitchen, adds just enough legroom to make the interiors feel much more welcoming and convenient. 

2. Almost a conservatory

Essentially a conservatory, this dog-leg extension adds enough space for a dining room but doesn't require complicated, expensive construction methods.

3. Wooden option

Easy to erect and made from cheaper materials, this wooden home extension loses nothing for not being crafted more expensively.

4. Simple construction

Super simple in construction and modest in size, this extra room will have come in within budget thanks to the lack of full kit-out inside.

5. Small yet amazing

This innovative low-cost extension has added enough room for an offset yoga studio, which is exactly what the clients wanted!

6. Slightly larger option

While the size of this extension might be a little bigger, the simple construction and low-cost materials make it such a bargain.

7. Micro extension

When all you need is room for a seated area, you can embrace a micro extension like this one. They have a huge impact on your home but not your wallet!

8. Almost invisible

This extension is so modest it's almost camouflaged. A simple timber and steel design, this could almost have come as a flat-pack so it won't have cost the earth.

9. Classic brick

A simple boxy brick design with timber framed windows makes this extension super cheap, simple to put up and perfect for the adjoining house.

10. Small but mighty

Here's another smaller extension where, as you can see, the construction is simple but the extra space is invaluable. These modest additions are such great value for money!

11. Flat roof

Perfectly matched to the main house, this rear extension with its flat roof almost goes unnoticed. Without fancy glazing, it'll also be a steal! 

12. Wood shingle

These single room extensions really work for us and we love this take, with wood shingles making it look more high-end.

13. Sloping roof rear porch

When all you need is a slither of extra interior room, a small sloping roofed rear porch is ideal. Plus, it won't cost as much as a full-width project.

14. Magic box

If you've got a tiny bit of room you could be putting to better use, go for it! This ultra-simple, two-storey house extension neatly fits in-between the existing structures. 

15. Small and stylish

This wooden box extension adds more than just extra space. It also raises the wow factor!

16. Rear terrace extension

Rear terrace extensions are usually very small as there isn't a lot of garden to sacrifice, but they sure are pretty and add good value to your home.

17. Twin win

There are actually two extensions here but they're so small and seamless you can't really tell! A great way to put that side-return space to better use, a small conservatory will have been fairly cheap.

18. Growing family

Ignore the pool as we're looking at the small extension. The perfect way to create more room for a growing family, this rear addition looks a million bucks but won't have cost anywhere near it!

What to remember before adding a house extension (part 1)

• Get detailed designs drawn up: Whether it’s a kitchen extension or just a rear add-on to your property, your contractor/builder will require certain info before starting on that project – like the depth of steel poles, the sort of finishing for the exteriors, etc.

• Choose the right professional: Look beyond those skills. Your ideal builder/contractor will also have a loyal team, be open to honest communication, plus provide you a detailed breakdown of all relevant costs.

What to remember before adding a house extension (part 2)

• Remember planning consent: Along with planning consent, you must also discharge any conditions (like landscaping details) that have been made on the approval before beginning with your project on-site. 

• Have extra cash flow: Unforeseen issues pop up regularly. Be honest with yourself and your professional about how much you can spend on extension ideas. 

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