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Living Room Space making tricks and ideas

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We all know the important part that the living room plays. It is where we socialise with guests, lounge around with family while watching TV series, or just relax by our lonesome selves while getting lost in a good book (or Sudoku game). 

For all these activities (and more) some space is required, which can be a bit of a problem if that living room is not exactly what you would call “big”. So then, apart from tearing down a wall, how do you add some visual space to that not-so-large living room of yours? 

With these 15 very creative tips and tricks, of course!

1. Use diverse textures

We just love how this living room brings different raw materials together. Wood, brick, and concrete each have a specific pizzazz, but together they are just pure magic. 

When you have so many different textures and tones in a room, you completely forget about the restricted space issue.

2. Be clever with your placements

Being limited with your space means you can’t place what you want where you want it – some creativity is required.

An L-shaped couch, for example, can neatly fill up a corner while leaving the rest of the floor space open.

3. Opt for double-duty pieces

Getting pieces that play double duty means having to acquire fewer elements, which saves you some floor space.

Some clever examples include ottomans with built-in storage compartments, coffee tables with drawers, and a floating shelf that can function as a TV cabinet.

4. Create a focal point

Opt for a piece that draws attention and distracts from the living room’s small dimensions. Think of objects like a colourful rug, a beautiful sculpture, a patterned wall, etc.

5. Enhance the space with lighting

Apart from illuminating a space, lighting can also serve to enhance certain details and areas, such as shelving. This tip goes hand in hand with number 4, where a focal piece draws attention from the small space. 

From lighting designers to moving companies, we have them all here on homify, and much more. Check out our professionals page.

6. Play with bold colours

Hampstead Heath Apartment Bhavin Taylor Design Eclectic style living room
Bhavin Taylor Design

Hampstead Heath Apartment

Bhavin Taylor Design

Some jovial tones can inject vibrancy and energy into your small living room, making it seem a tad bigger than it actually is.

homify hint: If you opt for a really bright colour like parakeet green, splash it on one wall and opt for a light, neutral tone on the others. Painting an entire small room in colourful tones can make the space seem cramped and crowded.

7. Use lightweight furniture

Big and bulky furniture pieces will gobble up that living room in an instant. 

Opt for slim and smaller pieces with thin lines that take up less visual space; bonus points if you can bring in transparent material like a glass coffee table.

8. Bring in natural light

Nothing beats a good dose of sunshine; not only will it warm up the room, but also make it look much more spacious, light and bright.

9. Reflect on your space

A mirror instantly doubles up on visual space, and even more so when an entire wall is clad in that reflective surface.

10. Use furniture as space dividers

If that small living room is part of an open-plan layout, use furniture pieces to divide the separate areas. Sofas and side tables, for instance, will cleverly separate spaces without making any area feel cramped in, like a wall would do.

11. Play with patterns

Indie Style Interiors - simply perfect living room style Indie Style Interiors Eclectic style living room
Indie Style Interiors

Indie Style Interiors—simply perfect living room style

Indie Style Interiors

Whether it’s trellis or stripes, scrolls or polka dots, patterns can add some fun to your small space, as they bring both detail and distraction. 

Opt for a patterned rug or wallpaper (a focal wall, not the entire room), which will catch people’s eyes immediately.

12. Use the vertical space

Ingenious elements like floating shelves and ceiling ledges help us to make the most of vertical space, leaving precious floor areas available.

13. Be clever with colours

Yes, a vibrant tone can jazz up the space, but the dominant colour palette needs to be light and neutral. This counts for walls and furniture, which will give the impression of space and size.

14. Introduce some plants and flowers

Whether it’s a vase with fresh-cut flowers or a vertical garden, indoor plants add both freshness and scent to a space, connecting the interior area with the outdoors.

15. Focus on the details

Pastel clouds Pixers Eclectic style living room Pink

Pastel clouds


Less is more; thus, focus on quality instead of quantity in your small living room, and you’ll end up with a very striking and impressive space where size will be barely noticeable. 

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Got any other small living room tips you'd like to share?

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