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MR & MRS HARRISON'S KITCHEN Diane Berry Kitchens Modern kitchen
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Green isn't usually the first colour that springs to mind when you're thinking about how to decorate your kitchen, but it's back in fashion and, depending on how you use it, can help you to create a fresh and modern, or bold and retro kitchen. Associated with the outdoors and nature, green can give your kitchen a calm, zen feel. Alternatively, bright greens can be introduced in bursts of colour for a quirky 60's look. There are many shades that create very different impressions, so test them first before committing to a particular colour—you might be surprised by what you like and by what looks best in your kitchen. Take a look at these green kitchens to get an idea of the available options:

Retro green kitchen

MR & MRS HARRISON'S KITCHEN Diane Berry Kitchens Modern kitchen
Diane Berry Kitchens


Diane Berry Kitchens

This kitchen with lounge area really embraces the 60's mod style: it could be the setting for a Warhol film, with the retro light fixtures and disco inspired lightshade. The couches are at the blue/turquoise end of the spectrum, but the clash between the couches and the bright green rug is fitting to the overall style. The cushions incorporate varying shades to tie everything together, and the white walls tone down the bright colours, shapes and patterns. 

Bold green cabinets

These green cabinets are certainly eye catching. If you're feeling brave, try a similar shade for either the cabinets or the walls, but balance it out with neutral colours elsewhere in the kitchen. This eclectic style has been implemented in a little kitchen, but would look good in larger kitchens too. Take inspiration from the display of funky, modern kitchen utensils on silver poles and magnets. Why hide your favourite crockery and accessories in the cupboard: hanging them up gives the kitchen some character, and is also a great way to utilise the space. 

A burst of colour

Vibrant green shades like this are mostly found in vintage-style kitchens that embrace a bold and kitschy style. The contrast with the bubblegum pink dining table and mismatched cushions wont be for everyone, but if you want something unique and lively, mixing and matching colours is something to consider. You could also do this with shades of the same colour for a lower-impact look, just as in the first kitchen we showed you.

Classical green kitchen

Double storey extension for artist in Bishopston, Bristol Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects Modern kitchen
Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects

Double storey extension for artist in Bishopston, Bristol

Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects

A hint of green in the kitchen, whether in plants, prints or modern utensils, can create a calming and down-to-earth vibe. You don't need to go all out with too many vibrant colours: green looks good in classical kitchens, too. The bluey-green colour of this kitchen is laid back and looks great with a few strong, scattered colours.

Green kitchen tiles

This kitchen is traditional and classic, but the green splashback gives it a modern kick. As the kitchen is open and spacious, a bold colour is a great way to give it some dimension and create a separation between the kitchen, dining and lounge areas. The duck egg blue is soft and understated, whereas the tiles immediately draw your attention. You might not expect the two to go together, but the look is cool and complimentary. 

Green and yellow work tops

Birch ply and formica kitchen Matt Antrobus Design Modern kitchen
Matt Antrobus Design

Birch ply and formica kitchen

Matt Antrobus Design

Green and yellow are two primary colours that often get paired up, and these muted shades clearly belong together. The green has hints of blue and grey which are counteracted by the flash of lemon yellow behind the shelves. Choosing coloured worktops means you can stick to silver or white appliances for a balanced look. 

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