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Tables for an eclectic style living room

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The first things we usually consider when furnishing our living rooms are the big pieces of furniture, such as the sofas and cabinets. We spend hours trawling through magazines and websites looking at various designs and trying to imagine how it would all look in our own homes. These are the basic features that set the theme and the style in our living rooms, and then once we have that in order, we can start to shop around for unique furnishings and decorations that give the room a distinctive personality. 

Eclectic style living rooms embrace the idea of adding mismatched, unique pieces together to introduce some soul and charm to the interiors. This is often achieved through picking up individual items, such as ornaments, desks or even, as we will focus on today, coffee tables and side tables, from various retailers and markets. It is this hybrid of styles, the difficulty to define the exact theme driving the interior design, that defines an eclectic style living room. The tables we are showing you today are prime examples of furniture which falls into this category:

Wooden desk inspired table

Attractive Side Table homify Living roomSide tables & trays

Attractive Side Table


This angular Dutch side table with an unusual frame and curved, chevron detailed rack reminds us of the traditional school desks, with a modern and slightly industrial style thrown into the mix. It makes sense, as Forest London are known for providing a platform for a mutually complementary mix of old and new art forms. This design could work well either as a side table or coffee table: flexibility is a key aspect of the eclectic style. 

Spiral table

Sidewinder Coffee Table David Tragen Living roomCupboards & sideboards
David Tragen

Sidewinder Coffee Table

David Tragen

This helter skelter table creates an amazing visual impact. We certainly haven't seen anything like it before, and it's guaranteed to give your eclectic style living room an individual vibe, as well as a tactile quality. Layering up shapes and fabrics is a natural consequence of decorating an eclectic style living room—choose pieces on their artistic value and merit of design, without worrying what fits together in a complementary fashion. Think of it as organised, elegant chaos and just have fun!

Cactus table

Stray from convention completely with this fun and unusual cactus coffee table. Italian architect Mariani Massimo, a co-founder of the 'boldism' movement, is know for architecture which is inventive and experimental: the perfect combination for an eclectic style living room. The face peering from the stand will make everyone do a double take, and we know that it's exactly the sort of thing that will make your intrigued friends and family ask: where did you get that!?

Berlin inspired table

Places Tables: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (series of two sidetables) FELT Architecture and Urban Design Living roomSide tables & trays
FELT Architecture and Urban Design

Places Tables: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (series of two sidetables)

FELT Architecture and Urban Design

Felt Architecture and Urban Design create designs inspired by the mapping of urban cities, particularly the hidden and inaccessible stories of these places, and their unseen or unimagined realities. The “Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg – Berlin” table is a symbol of the connection between the two districts, but also their unique and individual identities that exist side by side. The jagged lines and disconnected parts are an apt reflection of the raw energy and the typically unsettled, fun-seeking lifestyle the city is known for. An eclectic style is driven by the emotional impact of the design: it should have some sort of meaning, stir up nostalgia, or transport your mind to another time or place.

Bhodi tree table

This cool coffee table is actually a take on the Bhodi tree: the tree that Buddha sat beneath the night he achieved enlightenment. Further inspiration is drawn from Tibetan and India design, with the scorched oak resembling traditional Indian wooden bowls, and the colours purple and gold evoking India's illustrious fabric markets. The Tibetan influences can be seen in the shape of the bowls, modelled on a traditional singing bowl: a meditation aid for relaxation typically found in Buddhist temples and monasteries. Making this table even more coveted are the materials used: solid oak and Nero Marquina Marble.

Victorian meets modern industrial

This side table is understated, yet its elegant design immediately draws your attention. Perhaps it's the modern take on a Victorian design that makes it so special. The base has a hint of industrial chic to it, and the wood is less varnished and rich in colour than you would expect from a traditional side table. A great piece in itself, it also makes a perfect canvas for bold, bright accessories like this eclectic style lamp. 

If you're thinking of extended the eclectic theme into the kitchen, check out these eclectic style products, or for general eclectic style products from top UK designers, take a look at this selection.

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