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Feature walls can really bring a room to life, whether it's a living room, bedroom or dining room. They can renovate and rejuvenate a space so it looks brand new and sparkling with life. And there are so many ways to do it; large patterned wallpaper, plain and crisp paint, mosaic tiles or even your own library shelf wall. Don't be afraid to get creative, the wall is your oyster! 

One thing to keep in mind before you start redecorating is, which wall to choose to be your feature? It's great to have another feature on the same wall, such as the fireplace or that huge flat screen television you're so proud of. Of course the feature wall can stand alone with nothing adorning it but just keep your options in mind throughout the design process. 

Framed fun

Covering your feature wall in framed pictures take a lot of time and careful consideration but with the right influences can be hugely rewarding. The above example shows some really wonderful choices that the designer has made: the frames vary in shape from landscape to portrait and in frame colour. This helps break up the wall and gives it a sense of spontaneity.

The designer has also chosen creative images to put within the frames, from modernist portraits to intriguing shapes and colours. Of course there are many others ways to design a picture frame feature wall. If you prefer a more orderly and uniform approach perhaps stick with the same colour of frame across the wall and make sure each is aligned perfectly to your taste. 

Cool blues

The simplest and sometimes most effective feature wall is often a regular paint project. Choose your feature wall, paint the others in a more neutral tone and then get some inspiration as to what vibe you want your room to have. Feature wall colours can heavily influence the atmosphere for the room; cool blues for a relaxing space, post box red for a cosier feel. Whatever colour you choose, make sure it's a strong colour that will really stand out against the others. And remember to choose the type of paint before putting it on the wall as the choice between matte and gloss can completely change the design of the room.

In the above example we see a warm sea blue on the back wall, giving the eye a strong focal point, while setting the tone of the room. The designer has used this blue as one of the room's base colours, continuing in the same shades with the sofa. 

Lavish and loud

GP&J Bakers wallpaper homify Walls & flooringWallpaper

GP&J Bakers wallpaper


Wallpaper is experiencing a much deserved revival thanks to the trend of the feature wall. Large and often quite intricate, wallpaper patterns on a single feature wall can add a huge amount of personality to a room. Think about what statement you're trying to make. Subtle and chic? Brave and bold? Whichever way you want your room to go, there will be a wallpaper designed for you.

They can come in ornate patters, as the above example shows, or even in pictures—which can be a great idea for a child's bedroom. From dinosaurs drawings to floral fantasies, there's sure to be a wallpaper for your feature wall. Be wary to take colour into consideration too, as it's not all about the pattern. A soothing shade can tone down more 'in your face' patterns; sometimes recommended if you don't want to shock your guests too much. 

Mosaic madness

Black Agate used on The Galaxy Yacht ShellShock Designs Modern yachts & jets
ShellShock Designs

Black Agate used on The Galaxy Yacht

ShellShock Designs

Didn't think about a mosaic wall in your living room, did you? Not many designers have and that's one of them many reasons to recommend considering it. A mosaic wall in a living space can still be called original, still get a few surprised remarks from visitors. If done well they can be absolutely spectacular things, verging on stand alone works of art. There's no limit to how creative you can get with a mosaic wall too as there's no limit on colour, pattern, design or picture. They can create almost any image or atmosphere you desire.

Perhaps only consider a mosaic feature wall in a living space if you feel confident in having a less traditional home. Although if you really love the idea, don't hesitate to use it when designing your bathroom as a mosaic feature wall in a bathroom is now becoming increasingly common. 

Fashionable storage

Solid shelving units can be a great way to create a feature wall. If you're a fan of reading or simply enjoy browsing through books, your own personal library wall could be a real dream come true. Having this one wall reserved for book space can work so well in a living space. It doesn't completely take over the room but offers excellent storage space.

Of course you don't have to keep the shelves simply for books. They can be laden with any nick-nacks you choose or can even house your television. In the above example we see a wonderful shelf feature wall, stacked with many books and TV. It works well in this space, with its white painted wood and neutral surroundings. Both practically and aesthetically, this feature wall is an absolute winner. 

Mirror magic

Antiqued Mirror Alcoves to Fireplace Wall Rupert Bevan Ltd Living roomAccessories & decoration
Rupert Bevan Ltd

Antiqued Mirror Alcoves to Fireplace Wall

Rupert Bevan Ltd

Here we see panels of antiqued mirror glass covering the two alcoves to either side of a rather impressive television. The antique effect gives the reflection a foggy hint, distorting the images into a slight blur. However, the mirrors still work in the usual way: they give the room the impression of being larger than it is and amplifies the amount of light in the room.

The antiqued effect works particularly well if you don't want to be staring straight at your reflection all night so you get the pros of having a mirror wall without the annoyance of having yourself staring back at you! Mirror panelling is a great way to cover your feature wall when done with the care and precision necessary.

Which kind of feature wall would you most enjoy in your home? Let us know in the comments, below.

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