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A Stunning Penthouse Terrace Project in London, Urban Roof Gardens Urban Roof Gardens Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
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Winter is in full swing, the days are brisk and the nighttime even colder. Vitamin D levels have hit an all time low and you begin to wonder if summer did actually ever exist at all. During the frosty winter months it can be hard to find a good reason to get outdoors; people tend to hibernate and huddle inside, escaping the chill and fending off frostbite. Spending time outdoors however, is a healthy and essential part of life—studies suggest that the vitamin D we get from sunlight can help fight certain conditions, from osteoporosis and cancer, to depression and heart attacks, so it makes sense to ensure your outdoor space is organised and stylish. 

Get up from the computer, turn off the television and take a short break in the garden while breathing in some cool fresh air. Moreover, get prepared for spring, check out the following examples below, and jazz up your outdoor space with some trendy and functional equipment. Whether you have a small deck, cramped balcony or a lavish terrace, every outside area can be refreshed with some nifty pieces of fashionable furniture.

Mix it up

These days, the perfectly matching outdoor furniture set is a design relic, instead people are looking to new and inventive ways of making their outside area individual, innovative and original. If you would like to create a space that speaks to your inner personality and most of all, is comfortable, stylish and chic, consider combining several different types or styles of outdoor furniture to create a space that looks exciting, bespoke and sophisticated. When undertaking this design, remember that whilst you want different styles of outdoor furniture, you do not want conflicting items. This may seem like a tricky thing to determine, but go with your gut and if something feels as if it will not match, then it most likely won’t. This example is an excellent illustration of a successful outdoor setting that is similar yet varied enough to appear chic and classy whilst attention-grabbing and eclectic.

Classic wrought iron style

A Stunning Penthouse Terrace Project in London, Urban Roof Gardens Urban Roof Gardens Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
Urban Roof Gardens

A Stunning Penthouse Terrace Project in London

Urban Roof Gardens

Picture yourself attending a glorious and fancy garden party in the countryside and this is the furniture you will imagine—classic stylish pieces of wrought iron glory that present elegance, grace and sophistication whilst infusing a sense of frivolity and whimsy. It is almost impossible to go wrong with this outside furniture design, the hard-wearing and timeless nature of these pieces mean that they will stand the test of time and can be incorporated into almost any décor—be it rustic, cottage, classic or even modern landscape design, this outdoor furniture design is convenient and easily incorporated.

Too cold outside?

Canonbury Square, IQ Glass UK IQ Glass UK Modern garage/shed
IQ Glass UK

Canonbury Square

IQ Glass UK

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you will undoubtedly know that there are only several months where it is warm enough for an outside dining or social experience to be enjoyable. So why not create a space where you can enjoy the benefits of the outdoor view in winter, but also open the area up for the warmer summer months? This ingenious design allows the occupant a space that is fit for some stylish outdoor furniture, protects from the elements and ensures your outside furniture doesn’t become ruined by the rain, snow, or wind etc. Furthermore the large glass door opens fully to bring the outside in, and during the warmer months can ensure the space is useable as a shelter from the sun and hotter temperatures.

The entertainer

Trafalgar One, Canadian Pacific Building, London, Moreno Masey Moreno Masey Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
Moreno Masey

Trafalgar One, Canadian Pacific Building, London

Moreno Masey

Do you love to entertain? If the answer is yes, then this wonderful outdoor dining setting is for you. Large enough for any big gathering of friends or family, this long table with comfortable matching armchairs is an excellent option for those who love eating, drinking and gathering outside. In this example, the table and chairs are shown on a large balcony deck, but would be equally stylish in a large garden clearing, patio space or outdoor terrace.

Pure luxury

Now, this may not seem like the most practical item for your garden or outdoor terrace, but it will definitely be the most luxurious! Create your own private oasis within your garden by incorporating a stylish, and 5-star hotel worthy cabana come lounge seat. Guaranteed to be the envy of your friends, this piece of furniture does not have to exist upon beach side retreats but can be utilised in outdoor spaces during the summer and indeed winter as a place to rest, relax, host friends and make the most of your outdoor area.

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