​14 special ways to decorate your home with brick

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Decorating and home design can take on many forms when it comes to zhooshing up your spaces. It can involve small and simple tasks like switching up the living room rug; and sometimes it can be a bigger job, such as adding an entire new room and turning it into an art studio. 

Today’s list of stylish ideas involves a bit more work than changing textiles – adorning your home with brick walls. Yes, when it comes to raw materials, few can hold a candle to the striking beauty and fantastic texture of an exposed brick wall. And the best part is that it is available to us in a multitude of different colours and patterns, which means you are bound to find the perfect one to fit in with your relevant style and look.

Let’s take a look at some recommended ideas for brick walls, shall we?

1. Perfect for a focal point

Now if you really want to make that particular wall become the star of the room, we recommend cladding it with some rich brick texture, as shown above.

2. Ideally industrial

Having surfaces of exposed brick can help enhance that particular design style of our homes, like the industrial design, which is known for flaunting surfaces of raw brick with metal elements.

3. A little bit more traditional

On the other hand, brick can also help a more traditional look become more eye-catching, as shown with these curved creations in this exterior barbeque area.

4. Various hues

We just love the varying tones that stand out on this brick backdrop, with earthy beiges and stone greys all adding some raw pizzazz to this modern dining space.

5. A contemporary look

Pairing your brick surfaces with lighter furnishings and a more rhythmic design will result in the modern style adorning your home.

Notice the hallway above: the colour palette is light and friendly, with the brick surfaces adding just the right amount of detail in the background without becoming too overwhelming.

6. Brick with wood

One good raw material deserves another – wood combined with brick can result in perfect harmony; a beautiful balance between texture and detail.

However, just be sure to include lots of pale tones when mixing these two raw materials (like the white walls and ceiling above) to contrast with the warmth of the earthy hues.

7. The half-painted look

Shoreditch EC1: Warehouse Living Increation Industrial style kitchen

Shoreditch EC1: Warehouse Living


Love paint, but also that brick pattern? Well, you can have your cake and eat it, as brick surfaces can look just as striking when adorned with some fresh paint.

Or opt for a “dirty” look as implied by the brick wall above, with a small dash of white paint toning down that brick pattern and texture only ever so slightly.

8. Beautiful contrast

A sleek white surface combined with a busy brick in warm hues? Why ever not? This entryway above proves that pairing these two up can look most striking.

9. Highlighting that texture

A surface with such an interesting texture and pattern like brick becomes even more striking when lit up correctly, as these shelf lighting fixtures prove to us. 

From lighting designers to moving companies, we have them all here on homify, and much more. Check out our professionals page.

10. Lighter tones

No need to associate brick with that warm, red look – this material is available in lighter hues to perfectly enhance that neat and tranquil look you’re going for in, for example, your minimalist living room.

11. The brick backsplash

Backsplashes is how we bring texture and colour into the kitchen, usually via paint, wallpaper, or wall decals. But have you considered a touch of brick in your kitchen space for some extra raw pizzazz?

12. The warm look

Don’t you just love the extra hot look achieved by this warm lighting and earthy-toned brick wall? As cool and tranquil as brick can look, so can it be switched over to achieve a hot and cosy look that is sure to rival the largest fireplace.

13. Bringing the outdoors in

A brick wall can also be a fantastic way of bringing the raw and natural look of the outdoors inside, especially with a brick wall that leads all the way to the porch/terrace as shown above.

14. Wall art

Master Bedroom TG Studio Modern bathroom
TG Studio

Master Bedroom

TG Studio

Another great thing about a brick wall is that, due to that stunning detailed look it adds to the space, there is no need to resort to a fat variety of pictures and paintings to adorn your wall. A framed photo here, some wall sconces there, and you’re done! 

However, we are certainly not against hanging up a few prints for some wall beauty, as we'll prove with these: Hanging Wall Art Ideas.

Where would a brick surface look best in your home?

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