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Expertly Renovating an Edwardian Terrace

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In recent years, the areas in and around the East London borough of Hackney have become some of the city's most gentrified. As controversial as the term might be, it is hard to deny its inevitability.

One ever-developing pocket of Hackney is Homerton; a suburb once shied away from due to its crime rate and poor public transportation connections to the rest of the city. As Hackney became more and more gentrified, people of all age groups and from all backgrounds began to move in, giving this part of town a new identity.

With the 2012 Olympics and the subsequent upgrade to public transport, Homerton—with its hip Chatsworth Road, quiet terrace-lined streets and proximity to places like Victoria Park—has now become a popular place to live for young professionals and families alike. Property prices are still reasonable compared to many other parts of London, giving it even more appeal to those buying their first home.

A young family of three approached Scenario Architecture to fully refurbish their newly acquired Edwardian house in Homerton, as the property had not been updated for over 30 years. With the brief calling for a more integrated kitchen and dining area, more space for guests and an aim to seamlessly merge the backyard with the home, Scenario have created a modern home for the young family, while still respecting the aesthetics of this type of property.

A bright new layout

The largest aspect of this stunning renovation was to reconfigure the internal layout of the entire house. By opening the internal structure, the home immediately feels more welcoming and bright than other typical terraced homes of this era.

A free-flowing transition between all the more open, yet still distinct spaces of the house, is now evident. The unrestricted feeling of the home now easily runs out into the garden, with large glass doors merging the two spaces.

Subtle hints of classic and modern

The existing brickwork has not been forgotten and now features as part of the aesthetic appeal of the house. Contrasting to the new bright white walls and new windows, the architects chose to integrate this quintessential element of period London homes into the renovation, rather than try to hide it.

With subtle contrasting elements throughout the house, the home has charm of its own. Stark white walls sit next to century-old brickwork, antique frames hang next to firewood and new, polished floorboards are highlighted by polished metal skirting.

Breezy and free-flowing

Looking towards the front of the house, the open nature of the renovation becomes even more apparent. From the living area, through the lower level kitchen and right through to the garden, a seamless flow is evident.

Note the chalkboard paint on the cupboards adjacent to the kitchen; somewhere for kids to go crazy with chalk, hopefully deterring them from drawing over all the new white walls.

Bright and spacious kitchen

The lower-level kitchen is bathed in sunlight, with new glass windows on the ceiling running the length of the roof of the kitchen, and new, bigger windows out onto the back garden.

Modern fittings complement the clean and neutral tones of white, grey and cream, with hints of silver in the stainless steel appliances.

Classical terrace stairs

Moving towards the upper level of the home, we are greeted with a bright, elegant staircase.

This part of a typical terrace home often lacks natural light but with the new internal layout, ample light now reaches this part of the home. White and timber always pair together well, and here you can see why.

From the garden

Looking back towards the house from the garden, you can see how Scenario have seamlessly slipped the internal renovation into the home without it becoming too obvious from outside.

We love seeing modern renovations of classic style buildings that respect the existing structure. As Homerton and its surrounding suburbs become ever more popular, we're sure to see even more terrace renovations in the area similar to this; modern yet respectful to the façades of these quintessentially British homes.

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