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​12 ways to fall in love with your home all over again

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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We know that staring at the same spaces (walls, floors, furniture, etc.) can become so tedious after a while. That is why we support anybody who feels like their home design could do with a few touch-ups every now and again. 

And how do we lend our support to you? By providing you with a bunch of striking ideas to help you showcase some personal touches, of course! Whether it’s something small such as changing your wall art, or a bit bigger like transforming an entire wall, we’re up for it!

So, let’s take a look at 12 clever and creative ways in which you can change the style and look of your home to fall right back in love with it…

1. A brand new door

House in Chandlers Ford II LA Hally Architect Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
LA Hally Architect

House in Chandlers Ford II

LA Hally Architect

Treat your home (and yourself) to a brand new door, whether it’s buying a new one in a different style, or treating your current one to a funky paint job. 

Need that expert look? Check out our range of painters, designers, and so much more on our professionals page.

2. Wow your space

Hexagons Pixers Scandinavian style living room



Whether it’s wall murals or standard stickers, now you can have your walls (or any other flat, vertical surfaces) flaunt whatever look you want them to, thanks to PIXERS. Fancy a tranquil nature scene? How about funky patterns, or perhaps an artistic style?

Pick from PIXERS’ huge range of available artwork (or upload your own), stick ‘em up, and watch how your interiors come to life.

3. Mix it up

Who’s to say you need to stick with one particular style per room? If you favour the industrial style for your kitchen, but you feel that it could do with some glitter (like a sparkling chandelier shown above), then go for it! 

Just be sure to find a colour or form that connects those different styles when playing around with different designs.

4. Enjoy a DIY project

There is something magical about pointing to a particular décor/furniture piece and proudly exclaiming that you created it. But you don’t have to be a certified engineer to play with DIY designs. 

Whether it’s a coffee table made from wooden pallets or installing your own shower floor tiles, there is definitely the DIY project easy (and fun) enough for you.

5. Splash your favourite colour in a corner

Whether its parakeet green or bubblegum pink that lights up your eyes, we all have our favourite colours. So, treat yourself to that particular tone in your favourite spot in the house.

Experiment with a two-tone look by combining your favourite colour with a light neutral, as shown above.

6. Create a whole new look

Snowy Owl Pixers Scandinavian style bedroom Blue

Snowy Owl


Don’t get us wrong – neutral paint colours can be divine, but sometimes we want something a bit more… colourful. 

So, let PIXERS help you personalise your spaces with the colours (and images) you want. Whether it’s canvas prints or vinyl wall murals, wall decals or posters, letting your rooms flaunt the look you want is now easier than ever before.

7. Mix and match your sofa fabrics

Sloane Avenue Mansions Flower Michelin
Flower Michelin

Sloane Avenue Mansions

Flower Michelin

Thanks to oh-so generous designers, we now have modular furniture at our disposal that can be covered in a collection of different fabric covers – meaning you can now use more than a scatter cushion to flaunt your tone of choice on your sofas. 

Pick your favourite fabrics, bring in some colours and patterns, and watch that sofa become an exceptional style item. They can even link up with (or contrast completely from) those new wall styles you’re dreaming up…

8. Re-use those old favourites

Most of us have a few nostalgic items buried somewhere that are just gathering dust. If you can’t bear yourself to throw these out, perhaps look at re-using them for some other purpose – such as an old skateboard being reborn as a floating shelf?

Besides, what is a home if you can’t add your own unique touches to it?

9. Hang a mobile made from personal photos

Framed photos are so last century – how about turning your favourite images into a quirky sculpture? Or if that’s too much, perhaps you could just look at new and unique ways of hanging your pictures on that wall.

10. Combine your favourite art

We bet that if you were to gather all your favourite artworks on one wall (from classics to contemporary and all the way through to Asian), you would end up with a uniquely eclectic look. 

This kind of look will be so much more powerful if those art pieces are framed in different styles and colours. 

Have a go at it!

11. Create a cluster… or a few

Instead of scattering your pieces all over the house, create clusters of your favourite elements in your favourite spots. Even if it’s something simple like a series of coloured ceramics as shown above, at least you’ll know that it’s unique and that it’s yours.

12. Link up your eclectic items with a colour

Don’t feel stressed if it looks like your designs are getting out of hand. Even the most eclectic and dissimilar styles can flow smoothly if they link up via a colour. 

So, feel free to rearrange those furniture- and décor pieces in your house; as long as they’re tied together via a tone or two, you’re good to go! 

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What ideas will you try out in your home?

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