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12 loft conversion ideas to suit any budget

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 Sometimes it seems like we never have enough space for all of our belongings, and there's no doubt that it's easier to add extensions to the home or expand within it than to move. If you have some unused rooms, it's a good idea to think about building into it to create that in-demand extra space. This goes for your garage, that unused closet space under the stairs, or better yet, your crowded, unexploited loft.

This article is all about loft conversions and getting the most out of your property! We'll show you both common and unique ways to utilize that spare room to suit your individual needs. Not only that, but each of these projects are ideal for any budget, so you won't have to worry about scraping pennies for months after it's complete. 

1. A quiet corner

One of the easiest ways to use your loft space is to transform it into a quiet, meditative space. Add a couple small, low-lying tables, a cosy shag rug, a few candles, some indoor plants, and a small chair and you have all the ingredients for a peaceful afternoon gazing up through the skylights above.

2. Living quarters

If you have a larger loft space to use, then why not make an additional living area? And if you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your loft, an additional living room is the perfect choice. This could be used as a socializing area for you or your kids when their friends come over for a visit. Just throw in a big comfy couch and leave the rest of that space for play.

3. Mezzanine-style

This loft shows us what you can accomplish with a mezzanine-style setup. Here we have another living room extension, but that's not all–it's a gateway to the bedroom just past that door. Add glass railings for a more expansive feel and so you can get a better look at the living area down below.

4. A library

Book worms are going to love this next idea. If you have no desire to extend your living space, why not extend your reading space? Lofts make great libraries because of all the light they receive and the quiet atmosphere they provide. Building bookshelves into your walls will help you save on space, and it also allows you to store all of your books with ease, plus all of your files and even a few knick-knacks. 

5. A mini apartment

This loft is a great example of how you can create another home just with one room. Combining dining and living rooms for a home within your home–perfect for those of you who want to rent out space for a little extra money.

6. A bathroom, of course

You don't need to make your loft into a living space. It can also be a spare bathroom–or better yet, your very own spa! Getting a big, deep tub like this one will surely help you relax and soak away life's troubles, and just imagine immersing yourself in a warm bubble bath while the afternoon sun shines its warm light on you. Now that's what we call heavenly!

7. Can't decide?

Bigger lofts can be harder to decorate because there are just so many possibilities. If you can't decide, why not take the best of a few worlds? Get a cosy beanbag chair for the corner and outfit it with a bookshelf for a reading nook, and around the corner you can have your bath.

8. Transform it into a playroom

Small decals, a couple soft surfaces, and a few of your child's favourite toys are all you need to transform your loft into a playroom for the entire neighbourhood to enjoy.

9. Extra work space

Your loft can also function as the ideal work space for crafts or finishing your reports. A desk and a few shelves are all you need to let your imagination run wild, but be sure to incorporate a few comfy seating options for when you need a break from the daily grind.

10. A guest room

Guest rooms are so practical for so many reasons. Your visitor will get a real sense of privacy in your home and you won't have to hear any noises coming from this space. If you're feeling so kind, you could even install a television on the wall for your guests and create a hotel suite that even you can escape to!

11. How about a home theatre?

Suede fabric wall and screen in Designer Vision and Sound
Designer Vision and Sound

Suede fabric wall and screen in

Designer Vision and Sound

Why settle for anything less than spectacular when you have the time, money, and space? A home theatre is sure to draw in a crowd, and it's better for you and your neighbours when your theatre is above normal living areas. It helps to drown out the noise and makes you feel like you're in a secret space.

12. Your very own dream oasis

​mansard loft conversion wandsworth homify Modern style bedroom

​mansard loft conversion wandsworth


If none of these other ideas appeal to you, there is one thing for sure that will grab your attention. Why worry about creating additional living areas or guest areas when you can transform your loft into your very own dream oasis? Bring in the comfiest bed with as many pillows as you desire and sequester yourself from the harsh realities of working life in this quiet, bright, calming atmosphere.

For more on how to add to your home, check out this article on how to build an addition!

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