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Garden investments selection—Best and worst ones

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With so many ways to upgrade your garden you need to know which will add value and which will simply drain you of your precious resources. We're not saying that these time-consuming and tricky additions don't look good, just that in terms of value for money, they're a little lacking. 

Any professional gardener will agree with us so you can look to add something worthwhile to your space, safe in the knowledge these ideas are expert approved.

Take a look and see which of our 'best' investments you could be tempted by!

1. Best: Perfectly laid patios or decks

A timeless addition.

2. Worst: Fancy plants that need specialist care

These are guaranteed to be a drain on your time and energy.

3. Best: Beautiful fencing that ensures your privacy

Stylish garden fencing that's also practical is a win/win.

4. Worst: Hardwired garden lighting

Embrace solar-powered options instead.

5. Best: Hardy shrubs that offer good ground coverage

Think how much less weeding you'll have!

6. Worst: Hard to install and maintain water features

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They'll simply fall flat.

7. Best: Evergreen plants

That make your garden look healthy all year round.

8. Worst: Seeds that need a lot of nurturing

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To develop and grow into anything are a chore.

9. Best: A perfectly proportional terrace complete with cover

It's a whole extra room!

10. Worst: Commercial pesticides

They might come cheap but can cause a lot of damage.

11. Best: A good looking barbecue

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Romana wood fired oven

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Which can be used all year round.

12. Worst: Mass-produced garden ornaments

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Make your space look cluttered and tacky.

13. Best: A professional gardener

To take care of all the maintenance for you.

14. Worst: Expensive, non-weatherproof furniture

That only lasts one season is a waste of money!

If you'd like even more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 17 no fuss ideas to modernise your outdated garden.

Which of these ideas would be perfect for your garden?

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